Yolanda’s Press Pass

Yolanda had just finished her morning cup of coffee. With the sun hidden behind the clouds and sheltering her from the heat it was a good day to go and work in her garden.

Yolanda sailed up to the bank of the river and tied her boat to the post. She climbed out with basket of tools in hand as she walked up the path towards her garden.

As she strolled along the stone path, she suddenly saw a book laying in the garden, amongst the flowers, as if someone had tossed it into the bed.

Yolanda walked over and picked up the book. It was dry, not damaged by the morning moisture and was obviously new, never opened or used. It was an odd book with only a few words on the front of a plain blue cover, “Think about This”.

“Hmmm”, Yolanda hummed as she began to open the book, turn the cover and peer inside to see what the book had to think about.

She turned to the contents page and read the chapter headlines, one by one. Each subject contained a page and half on the matter titled. There were many things to think about in this blue book found amongst the flowers.

She turned to one passage in particular that caught her eye, “Intuition”

“Intuition is the opposite of illusion. Glamour and illusion disappear as a person becomes more aware and sensitive to absolute truth.

This can happen when one learns to quiet thoughts that come from the mental tapes of the mind. In this way, one can move through life with greater ease as they meet those who share in similar interest and intentions.

Once a person has learned how to be free from emotional reactions, disengaging from taking things personal, their mind becomes clarified and the illusions are removed. When this happens, a person can begin to see life and form in their true relation.”

Yolanda soon realized that this was no ordinary book. This was a sign that required her full attention.

It was no accident that this special book appeared in Yolanda’s life.

This state of calmness was something that Yolanda yearned for in her life and she knew that she was ready for a teacher to come into her life.

They say, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

Yolanda’s teacher had appeared through this book that now rest in her hands.

As time went by, each day Yolanda read daily from her book. Her cells began to transform in her being. Her thoughts became calm as the mental tapes lessened and the teachings naturally led her into creative activities throughout the day. Gradually, she became present, integrated.

After many months of deep, intense study and self-reflecting, Yolanda gained another gift. This time, while reading her book, a small, thin piece of blue paper fell onto her lap.

Yolanda picked up the blue piece of paper and read the message, “Press Pass to the Sage”.

Yolanda smiled and placed the blue piece of paper back in the book between two pages. She did not haste or waste time thinking of what it may be. Someday, she would meet a sage. She had learned by now that things come in their own timing in the calm part of the stream in the River of Life ~ even magic.


Ten Years Later ~

Reflecting back, Yolanda reviewed the experiences that had happened since then, the interviews, the readers responses to the newspaper article about the calm part of the stream, the new community activities that had started because of the article; the encounter with the sage, the move to the calm part of the river, the falling star and more. There were many cosmic moments since that day when Yolanda found the book in her garden. So much had happened and so much had changed.

She felt very different from the person that she was ten years ago.

She learned that by managing the mental tapes, not taking things personal and through allowing others to be who they are without expectations that life became a little more calmer. She also learned that establishing firm boundaries brought her the best experiences and surrounded her with the best, kindest people. It took her some time to figure out, but, gradually, it became apparent how to navigate in this way.

Surrender to what life brings was the key practice, staying in the moment with what comes and being sensitive to the frequencies of what felt good and what felt odd. She found that if she paid attention to how her body felt in every instance and heeded its lead, that she would get a far better experience. It took time to figure that one out too. The mind and its mental tapes can be so noisy that its difficult to hear the subtle voice that runs through the electrical channels of the body.


Her favorite daily ritual became the lighting of three candles, incense and fresh flowers on her altar, before she started her day. In this way, she could toss her concern to the candles with the touch of the flame to the wick. Once the prayer was sent, she could go back to doing what she enjoyed while the candle took care of the business. Things just seemed to get resolved in some way, some how.

“Life is what you make it”, she spoke out loud as she closed the book, placed it on the table and went into the kitchen to make lemonade.


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Written by Kashi Stone



“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”……..My grandmother