Will You Die for Me?

A very unpleasant bad spell has been cast on the human race. It is disguised in a fairy tale that conditions humanity into thinking that “the one” is coming soon to rescue the fair maiden and place her in a castle. The prince is busy in search of the “wife” who will tend to him and obey. The fair maiden makes sure that the prince is fed, clothed and satisfied and happy in love as she serves him and maintains her beauty for him. He works hard, brings home the kill, makes lots of money and provides well. They live happily ever after.

It’s a very deeply ingrained conditioning story that has played out through thousands of years shaping the way we live, relate and love.

Religion has made this fairy tale their token for all things that must be spoken. All of life evolves around growing up to find a mate. And when we do, the wife obeys her husband as the church obeys god and the man loves his wife as god loves his church. It is a very, very twisted fairy tale designed to keep people deeply homogenized and asleep and very confused.

“Will you marry me?” in my opinion, actually translates in heaven as “Will you die for me?”

I’m watching people fall in love, merge their life’s, their homes, their auras, their bank accounts, credit standings, making babies, going into debt and living miserable lives in order to participate in this spell.

What you can see is that there is this crazy mental chatter and twisted perception that dominates the life into playing this spell out. First, we are conditioned by upbringing. School has it’s own very strange trip in how it conditions us and turns robots for the system. Then, religion takes over in our pursuit to find god and our meaning in life. Before long, we have entered into a contract of death in a marriage “until death do us part”. Get it?

There is nothing in our conditioning field that supports our uniqueness. We are enslaved to an outdated way of operating that destroys our very essence.

You can see the mental chatter that plays out in attraction. We reason a lover into being the correct lover because of status, money, convenience, fear or loneliness ~ and the conditioning. The mind operating through the open Centers is creating a treacherous reality.

You can also see the electromagnetics play out and whisper to the mind that they have found “the one”.

The electromagnetics are very, very tricky. You can see how they make you feel fated when you meet and begin to acquaint yourself with each other. You can feel it in first contact and even more so in a hug or loving embrace. The glossy, hazed look of the eyes, twinkling a delusion tell you that someone has fallen and won’t be back for a while or maybe not at all.

Regardless if you are having sex or not, the electromagentics make you feel fated and give the feeling of “soulmate” that many lovers feel in the beginning of a relationship.
What you find though is that those electromagnetics can work in an opposite way. What may have been an attraction factor can also become the challenge, the turn off, the boring game, the end of a hot, passionate relationship that thought it was going to last forever.

Most couples are brought together through their differences, thanks to electromagnetics. You will find that there are many emotional and non-emotional’s in relationship. This can bring up tremendous heat and conflict in the relationship without understanding the mechanics and how differently we operate. It will also put tremendous pressure on the other when either is out of tune. It’ very difficult for the two different types of definition to be in harmony and flow together. But it can get very, very passionate with the mix of chemistry and feel yummy for a while.

Another place of conflict is the difference in Types. Put a non-energy with an energy type and one of them is going to be very drained, eventually.

And you see it in those who have defined Ajna and/ or Defined Head Centers. If one is defined in the Ajna and Head Centers and the other is not, someone is going to get a headache – almost every day. The lack of understanding in communication will become prevalent eventually.

The most difficult, the hardest and the most painful is the open Ego with the defined Ego. The open Ego will compete with the defined Ego until death trying desperately to prove that it is an equal. It is an equal, of course, but it does not know that and it will play the power trips to get power over the defined Ego who is naturally confident in their own skin. The defined Ego suffers pressure on the heart organ as the open Ego does when both are grossly out of tune. The defined Ego will also become exhausted holding the confidence for both.

The same goes for environments too, if one is cave and one is market, someone is not going to be happy at home, most of the time.

What happens with this dance of aura’s in romance is that there are pressures being placed on each other continuously from the differences, the open and the defined Centers, the distortion in frequency from being out of tune and the mental chatter that drives the life.

It’s really, really painful but most people don’t realize it. They don’t understand and they think it is normal to be out of tune, sick and unhappy.

It’s not.

Our system, mechanical, physical, etheric is hardwired to live in ecstasy.

That ecstasy comes from being smooth, quiet or content in the mind, relaxed and trusting with firm boundaries that allow you to live in that reality as YOU.  What that creates is a highly individualized, independent being who is sovereign and whole.

There are no tentacles, there is no need to control or have power over another and there is no asking the other “Will you die for me?”

No, the independent, sovereign being is enjoying who they are and “bumping” into the next person, the next opportunity, the next moment as they move through life. They have their own personal magic carpet that takes them into the next beautiful moment of serendipity.

Romance is there if they want it but it all depends on the frequency, the aura, the in tune-ness of the other.

It also means that they are going to compromise if they merge their aura and create relationship. That is a lot to ask the being that has found ecstasy in wholeness.

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