Who’s Your Authority?

Empowered Woman

One of the greatest lessons for humanity is the discovery of their Inner Authority. Our Inner Authority is the key to our evolution and process of awareness. However, sadly, most of the world is filled with people who actually have no idea that they have a unique internal operating system designed especially for each one of them.

It all begins at birth, when we are greeted by our caretakers who do not understand are unique characteristics and what we need to thrive. Instead, these important matters are completely disregarded. It’s not their fault; they know not what they do.

However, if you are reading this article you probably have learned that you can rely on that subtle voice inside to guide who is your ally, who is not, who is your teacher and who is not being authentic. Deep down inside, you can feel it as your body is telling you.




When we are born and come into this world helpless as an infant, we immediately fall under the authority of our caretakers. We must rely on them to sustain us, shape us and provide nurturing love for us to grow and blossom into a healthy, thriving adult.

From birth, we gradually move under SChool Childrenanother layer of authority when we enter into school.

In our educational environment we are conditioned into obedience to the authorities of the systems that we live and survive in.

And if we are in a romantic entanglement, we enter under the authority of the bond of the relationship commitment ~ and another layer of government.  We often compromise our own personal inner authority to accommodate when we are in love. 



There are many layers of authorities vying for control over us and to use our energy for their agenda. No wonder it is so difficult to find our own authority.

Mainstream news and the Internet is an excellent example of how we can be manipulated in order to be controlled and have our Inner Authority suppressed and deadened.

When we are sitting in front of the television or computer, we are not moving through life “bumping” into things in the moment with our aura ~ like when we are present. We become immobile and fixed in our mental playground and deep in the program. .

Life is very different lived in the TV, Internet, and movie world.

It’s not life.

It’s the Mental Body being entertained and getting conditioned. Facebook is a wonderful example of a Mental Playing field that has nothing to do with the environment and what is really happening in life.

Wherever the body is, is where we are responding to life. Anything outside of our immediate environment is not real until you taste it in the physical environment with your aura.

Everything else that happens outside of our immediate physical environment is subject to placing us under a false authority.

Our TRUE life experience centers around what we are “bumping” into in our environment so that we can hear our internal guide moving intuitively, moment-to-moment.

Aura with soul

Our internal guide does not plan, strategize or manipulate things in it’s direction for the future.

It is intuitive in operation.

It is here now.




If someone is your teacher and they are not encouraging you to make your own decisions, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

Be wary of anyone who tells what you should “like” or what you should “not like”, what you should do or not do. Be especially wary of someone who uses tactics to destroy or tear down you or another ~ in order to gain authority over you or the other. Often, the person that is being destroyed and driven from you can be a good friend, keep that in mind.

When someone is tearing down another to me, I raise my eyebrows, look over my glasses and say,
“Excuse me?” Then I chuckle, turn around and leave. I’d rather make my own decisions about who and why.

I encourage you to do the same.





“So remember, if things are going right and you are moving in the right direction, each moment will bring more joy – as if you are going toward a beautiful garden.

The closer you come; the air will be fresher, cooler, and more fragrant.

That will be the indication that you are moving in the right direction. If the air becomes less fresh, less cool, less fragrant, then you are moving in the opposite direction.”

                                                                  ~ OSHO


 Written by Kashi Stone  2015