Who Dunnit? A 5/1 Reflection

A 5/1 Profile being learns much about human behavior; perhaps that is why they naturally, make the best teachers like Ra Uru Hu, for instance. To endure heavy projections from those expecting a savior or rejections, first by parents and then throughout high school, college and beyond, or to feel the weight of an impractical idea delivered at a wrong moment; it’s a tough road to travel.

Throughout life’s experiences, the 5/1 eventually, learns key nuggets of wisdom that slowly accumulate in the system, consciously or unconsciously. The experiences and the wisdom that is gained gradually shapes, molds, and creates the character that ultimately, steps forward and delivers something worthwhile for humanity. At least, that is what is expected from the Personality Profile 5, by the time it has reached maturity (mid-fifties). However, many Profile 5’s get heavily distracted by emotional pains and withdraw into seclusion, causing only a handful to bravely step forward and offer something truly practical and useful for society.

With repeated “knock downs” that can happen and the environments that set up easy assaults, a 5/1 can be swayed into anti-social behavior and become pessimistic about life. Even relationships can be challenging with the unpleasant consequence of moving from projection to judgment and the possibility of attack from those surrounding the 5/1.

But if the 5/1 can take the experiences and blend them into a potpourri of ingredients that distill into golden nuggets, then the 5/1 suddenly, has a magic wand or crystal ball that reveals the intentions behind actions and a viewing window to authenticity or integrity.

For instance, as a 5/1, myself, whenever someone attacks my reputation and works hard to “crucify” me, usually, they are hiding something and hoping to send the attention of the group in another direction. In so doing, they are strategizing so that others do not discover what they are desperately trying to cover up. This I have learned as a golden rule, being a Profile 5 in my Personality Sun. Whenever I am being attacked by someone, I look to see what they are trying to cover up or hide from others ~ and firmly hold my ground and position, as a 5/1 is meant to do.

A short story to assist in conveying what I am sharing:

Once upon a time, over twenty years ago, I worked at an independent, alternative city newspaper.

At that time, I had just come out of a nasty divorce and was suffering depression, trauma and confusion. With no wind beneath my sails to fly high as a marketing person, I declined the offer to go into sales, and asked for the position of the receptionist. For less pay, less work and less responsibility, I could peacefully work the front desk, answer the phone and filter messages to the proper departments and employees. There was no way I could do more than those simple duties, for the moment, so I was pleased and grateful to have a simple position.

Working as the receptionist, answering the phone and filing miscellaneous pieces of paper, the owner of the company would walk past my desk and occasionally, ask me to learn a new software for organizing, creating or developing. With lots of time on my hands, I enjoyed learning and understanding how the computer reality operated, learning on the first MAC computer model released to the public workplace.

Rapidly, I learned many different types of software while sitting at that desk. I was on fire for learning something refreshing and not having to think about life too much. However, starting out as the receptionist and then gaining a massive amount of skills in a short period of time, created some complications for integrating me into a place of authority, as the owner had intended. As my skills grew, my natural authority began to show, it was obvious that I was growing out of the receptionist position and into another realm of administration. Once this became obvious to the employees, problems started to brew.

Suddenly, some of the employees started to feel threatened as they compared, unconsciously and felt there might be a possibility that I could replace them. That was never the intention but this is where the mind likes to go when it feels insecure. As my responsibilities grew, so did the fear in the group, who could feel their inadequacies and lack of performance. At the same time, with each weekly meeting, there was a review of all departments and their performance. When a department manager expressed difficulty in completing a task, the owner would then announce to the group that he was placing me in that area to review, assess and correct what was not working and put new procedures into place. This, of course, was setting me up for disaster, as a 5/1. It started to get messy, politically, within the company.

There was a handful of girls who worked in the ‘back office’ who operated the classified ads and administered the finances – they were best friends and shared office space. It was an odd combination of employees to group together, since finances should be maintained separately but this was a small, budding company. This group of girls in the ‘back office’ decided that they would have a little fun with terrorizing me. It’s easy to do that to a 5/1 who is in the world, moving about and making an impact.

One day, there was a horrible ‘break in’ at the office and someone had stolen approximately $20 out of the front office cash register. Never mind, that there were tons of expensive, valuable equipment in our office. Someone needed the twenty dollars much worse and was willing to break the drawer of the cash register to steal it. It was a very odd moment in our office as everyone scrambled to understand how it could happen and ‘who dunnit’.

Within a short period of time, a case had started to develop against me, accusing me of breaking the cash drawer and stealing the $20. The ‘back office’ accountant cleverly whispered into the owners’ ear that she was sure I had committed the act and that he should fire me. In fact, the rest of the girls in the ‘back office’ were sure that I had committed the crime, as well. Then, departments that were failing and under-achieving were sure that I had broken into the cash register too. After all, the cash register was right around the corner from my desk, so I must have been the one ‘who dunnit’.

By this time, the owner had gotten to know me very well. He understood my character and knew, that I was not the one who had broken into the cash register to steal the $20. It was a ridiculous accusation but it was a testament to what was happening within the group on a deeper level.

Eventually, my boss decided to hire a consulting firm to come in and investigate and offer direction on how the company should move forward, AND to assist with this massive problem running through the undercurrent of employee relations. After all, with my efforts the company had achieved a 300% increase in revenue over the past year. There was no way he was going to fire me but he needed help to get control over the mayhem and nastiness that was building.

When the consultants came in, they interviewed all the employees, saving me for the last. At the end, they revealed that I was the major cause of problems and unrest for the company. It was no secret. Finally, they decided that it would be helpful to bring in an outside accountant to review the books and assess performances, proving where changes should be made and what would be the best. That was a curve ball that none of the employees were expecting, after all, their intention was to eradicate me from the company and relieve the pressure they were feeling to be responsible with their work.

Once the new accountant settled into his desk, things started to change rapidly. Soon, the discrepancies were revealed and the culprits behind the deeds, became obvious. It was earth-shattering for the company because the source of serious embezzlement was the one person who everyone really liked and supported: the bookkeeper in the ‘back room’ office. And the reason why she was everyone’s favorite was because of the bonuses that she occasionally, included in paychecks to her favorite employees. These little perks would rapidly come to an end as the accountant revealed, there were thousands and thousands of dollars missing, to the tune of $60,000 – 70,000. No wonder she was driving an expensive, cool car.

With the discrepancies revealed, the employees’ intentions disclosed and the shattering news of ‘who dunnit’, things changed rapidly.

At this point, I was exhausted and I needed a sabbatical from the intensity of a four year-long battle with personalities, egos and the undercurrent of nasty attacks. It was flattering to be offered a position with the consulting company that had worked to stabilize our company. I could have taken the job and experienced great success but I chose the spiritual path instead, shaved my head, grew locks, found Shiva and never looked back.

Written by Kashi Stone