Who Dunnit? A 5/1 Reflection

A 5/1 Profile being learns much about human behavior; perhaps that is why they naturally, make the best teachers like Ra Uru Hu, for instance. To endure heavy projections first by parents and then high school, college and beyond; it’s a tough road to travel.

Throughout life’s experiences the 5/1 eventually, learns key nuggets of wisdom that slowly accumulate in the system, consciously or unconsciously.

The experiences and the wisdom that is gained gradually shapes, molds, and creates the character that ultimately, steps forward and delivers something worthwhile for humanity. At least, that is what is expected from the Personality Profile 5, by the time it has reached maturity (mid-fifties). However, many Profile 5’s get heavily distracted by emotional pains and withdraw into seclusion, causing only a handful to bravely step forward and offer something truly practical and useful for society.

The 5/1 can take the experiences and blend them into a potpourri of ingredients and suddenly, a crystal ball reveals the intentions behind actions. It is much like a viewing window to authenticity or integrity.

For instance, as a 5/1, myself, whenever someone attacks my reputation, usually, they are hiding something and hoping to send the attention of the group in another direction. In so doing, they are strategizing so that others do not discover what they are desperately trying to cover up. This I have learned as a golden rule, being a Profile 5 in my Personality Sun.

Whenever I am being attacked by someone, I look to see what they are trying to cover up or hide from others ~ and firmly hold my ground and position, as a 5/1 is meant to do.


CLASSIC 5/1 Scapegoat EXAMPLE:

Many years ago while working at a newspaper, the administrator/ bookkeeper of this company created a five-one scapegoat event. She tried desperately to frame me as a person who had broken into the cash register to steal “$20”.

The owner of the company knew me well and knew for sure that I was not stealing from the company. But why was this happening? This we could not determine. Something strange was occurring inside the company that caused almost everyone to attack me.

There was no evidence that anyone was stealing from the company until an outside accountant was hired to conduct an audit on the financial books for tax purposes.

Eventually, it was revealed that the administrator who attempted to “crucify” me had embezzled over $60,000 from the company, including, generous bonuses each week were given to key employees over several months.

Of course, she was fired and “key” employees no longer received their weekly bonuses.


Written 2017, by Kashi Stone

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