What is Human Design?

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In 1987 and extraordinary event took place and was seen with the naked eye on a mountain in Chile. It was a supernova, which is the death of a star, a vast explosion of incredible intensity. With its dying breath, that star, scientist now know, bombarded our planet with a deluge of subatomic information. When it actually reached us, for fourteen minutes everybody on this planet received three times as many Neutrinos as normal.

Around the same time, on January 3rd of that same year, on a Mediterranean island called Ibiza, a man had a deeply shocking experience. He described it as being penetrated by a Voice. This mystical experience took place over eight days and eight nights, during which he was told by the Voice how the universe functions. He was also given the Human Design System. After that experience, he changed his name and became known as Ra Uru Hu.

What was given by the Voice is a synthesis of the ancient observational systems of Astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Hindu Brahman Chakras and the Judaic Kabbalah combined with the contemporary disciplines of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry.

Human Design with the ancient teachings comprises a system that tracks and defines the consistent pattern of the Neutrino’s and the stars that they come from and the Human behaviours that stem from their influence. Our Sun is our largest, closest star that emits endless streams of Neutrinos, about 70%, more than anything else in our universe. The rest come from other stars and about 3% come from Jupiter.

By calculating in the same way as Astrology, birth date, time and place, Human Design provides a genetic map to your own code of design. Through this genetic map, Human Design gives us an Operating Manual and a validation of your true place and purpose in this world.

Mental, emotional, physical and genetic attributes that affect your health, career, relationships and all other aspects of your life, especially your decision making, are revealed. By being validated in this way you learn to trust your self and your own instincts that are deep within to guide you and nurture you along your path in life towards fulfillment and satisfaction.

Human Design recognizes the core of our being, our own inherent chemistry and gives us an operating manual for moving through life, complimenting our unique dance, expression and way of being.

Human Design is a logical, mechanical knowledge that is neither theorizing nor a philosophy. It is about doing practical things with knowledge that brings practical benefits.

HD Wheel (new colours)

bodygraph art design by Roger Greenfield


Human Design is a science of the Mechanics of Form

“A dualistic measuring machine for the Maya” 

~ Ra Uru Hu


It is not a religion or a spiritual teaching


Human Design information assists one in understanding how their internal system operates.

Learn how to make the best decisions that ultimately, lead into more fulfilling life experiences.