Understanding Outer Authority

There isn’t much talk about Outer Authority. Often, you hear how important it is to live by your Inner Authority. I get that. I can see how it rules the life in grace and is a magic key.

The thing that eluded me for so long in my process in the earlier years was the understanding of what Outer Authority really means and how it functions differently than the Inner Authority.

The Outer Authority is completely different than the Inner Authority. It is the definition in the Head and Ajna Centers that brings the Outer Authority.

Outer.Inner Authority


Anything ABOVE the Throat Center is for OTHERS and is called Outer Authority.

Anything BELOW the Throat Center is for YOU and is called Inner Authority.


Anytime we try use those head activations to solve things for our self and make decisions, we get deeply caught up in the mental trap of reasoning and playing the mental tapes of our open Centers over and over. It gets really messy. And the thing is, everyone is doing it, everyone. You really can’t escape it, unless, of course, you surrender and train your mind. That takes a long time and a lot of discipline. You absolutely have to be radical in your application of the science and using the tools to be free of the mental tapes and the mind driving your life.

You can eliminate a huge amount of frustration in the process by learning to rely on your Inner Authority to speak to you and guide you from your body. What ever is going on in the mind, use it for others.

“After all, the great gift of the aware human being is what they can share with the other, their outer authority, where mind finally has its place, what you get from me, my outer authority for you. It is the only time that my mind is of any value to me, because the moment that my mind stops doing this and stops doing my outer authority trip it’s back to being mind. It’s back to always dreaming that maybe, maybe, maybe it can get its authority back on the inside. Mind is mind is mind is mind.” Ra Uru Hu

The key is to see and understand how the mind is in control of your life. When you can see how your mind is driving your life, you begin to gain control of the mind. You can see how the mind is operating by reviewing the mental tapes that occur from the open Centers.

By observing the direction that the mind takes when it is not engaged and focused on something, is where you find these mental tapes. For instance, watch while you are driving a car for a distance. You will observe your mind go from one thing to another, looking for ways to gain what it wants, it will try to find solutions for issues at hand and it will process relationships with those around you looking for reasons why things are the way they are.

In this observation, the mind and its tendencies come to light and you begin to find the place where you stop the tape and replace it with something that is more healthy and conducive to your flow in life.

When I discover open Center mental tapes running through my mind, I chuckle and wave my hand in front of my forehead, brush away the thoughts and tension, relax, release and turn to move into my favorite activity that brings me contentment and relaxation and a reprieve from where the mind goes.

If I keep myself busy with what I enjoy doing, there is no time to entertain those mental thoughts. They do pop in and visit, don’t get me wrong. Over time, as I continue to discipline my mind, the mental tapes lessen and more relaxation, trust and surrender comes.

It is important to understand that most people do not use their true Outer Authority. Usually, what happens is that people tend to allow their mental tapes to share with others. You hardly ever hear a brilliant Outer Authority. People are so preoccupied with their open Center concerns.

People also allow the mind to play a story on electromagnetics (sexual attraction and the stories that follow). This tendency to give so much mental energy to the open Center mental tapes and the tickle of the electromagnetics gives very little room for shining beautiful with your very own special Outer Authority that is here to share with others. Instead, what we have is lots of drama, nonsense, pressure and ego.

As Ra Uru Hu states, “And we are diminished by the lack of outer authority in the world, we are diminished by it. All we have is homogenized stuff. And we have homogenized consciousness that has emerged out of beings that are not in the right place, who do not have the right perspective.”

Most people are deeply, deeply conditioned and have no clue who they really are and how they operate so that they can get the best experiences in life. Most people are filled with other people’s aura’s and have very little chance to feel their core chemistry.

What you find is that people tend to choose their environments and the people to be in relationship with who are very different from their own design. This displaces us terribly and puts us with the wrong people, the wrong places and most likely we have talked ourselves into the doing the wrong kind of work. We don’t get a chance to live out our life that is indicated in our imprint.

There is no way the true Outer Authority can really operate when the mind is full of mental tapes, conditioning and stimulation from the completely incorrect situations. It will just be a mumbled mess living out a life of the not self and the open Center drama coupled with deep conditioning.

Imagine a person in the correct environment, centered in their own chemistry, surrounded by the people that recognize them for who they are and support them in what they are doing. There is flow, there is connecting and most of all, if you are a Generator, you are feeling satisfied, if you are a Projector, you are experiencing success the way that only a Projector can and if you are a Manifestor, you are feeling peaceful and filled up with love. If you are a Reflector, you are going to be pleasantly surprised at the beauty of life and all that is happening around you.

The only way to get there is to be radical.

By “radical” I mean with the way you operate correctly through using your strategy for your Type and the Inner Authority inherent in your chemistry. When you do that, you get the correct opportunities to use your Outer Authority.

It takes great courage, strength and fortitude in who you are to be truly useful in the world.


2014 Kashi Stone Kashi painting