Human Design demonstrates that there are four distinct types of humans: Manifestor (9%), Projectors (20%), Reflectors (less than 1%) and Generators (Over 65%). Generators are sub-categorized into Manifesting Generators (33%) and Pure Generators (37%). This distinction in type is found in the aura. Manifestors have a repelling aura, Projectors have a very focused aura, Reflectors have a ‘teflon’ like aura as they sample and taste energies, Generators have an aura that radiates and takes in simultaneously.

Each type has a strategy in which the being aura and makes decisions. Manifestors strategy is to ‘inform’, Projectors strategy is to ‘wait to be invited’, Reflectors strategy is to ‘wait a full moon cycle before making a final decision’ and the Generator strategy is to ‘wait to respond’.

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