Transformational Retreats

28 Days minimum








Basic Retreat Package / 4 Weeks  / with Education Program            $6400
Includes food and accommodations, five days of classroom instruction, completion of Living Your Design Course and more, worksheets, personal binder and books.

Basic Retreat Package / 4 Weeks / with Purification Program     $9500
Includes alternative therapies, special comfort food and accommodations, superfoods, herbal supplements, juices, massage and body therapies. Fully comprehensive program for cleansing and bringing body into proper digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Basic Retreat Program / 4 Weeks / with Meditation Intensive Program    $9900
In this course we combine the basic tantra lifestyle principles with spiritual teachings, while becoming intimately familiar with the body. A lifestyle practice of meditation is cultivated with your most natural rhythm taking over and leading the way.

 Superhuman Retreat / 4 Weeks / all three programs   $13,000
All three programs: Purification, Meditation and Education in one.
Full time attention to purifying, centering and rebuilding over a 4 week program.

To learn more about your personal retreat, please select the “Retreat Assessment” session for a one hour review and evaluation to determine the retreat that is best for you.

Once payment is received, you will be contacted by email to schedule a review session.

Your payment of $125 for the “Retreat Assessment” is applied as a payment towards the cost of your retreat.