“The whole challenge for you in your process, the only way in which you can leave or transcend the Bodygraph and approach your purpose correctly, is you have to deal with the characteristics. The whole theme of, and the teaching of, Human Design is that we teach strategy and authority in order for a being to come to grips with the power of characteristics in their life, and to ultimately be able to transcend them by operating correctly as themselves. The reward for transcending your characteristics is that you find your role” ~ Ra Uru Hu

Age of aquarius 3

As we enter into the Age of Aquarius, humanity gains greater measure of brotherly love, the awakening of our connection with our Soul and some difficult challenges along the way as we go through the transmutation of our species. This new age that is upon us is the dawning of the evolution of consciousness in humanity and the mutation of our whole being, not just the Solar Plexus but all of our being.

With the discovery of Uranus came the intelligence to recognize our spiritual self or our divine state of being and cause the unfolding of our spiritual consciousness. It can be considered a spiral upwards in the process of human evolution.

Through this influence of Uranus on humanity, we learn what it means to subordinate our lower desires to our higher powers as our abstract thinking and our spiritual intuition gets “turned on”. No longer can the emotional body hold us captive to its desires, wants, likes and dislikes and emotional reactions, if we have the discipline to transcends its grip on our mind and it’s impulse on our body.

That is why the eastern science of Yoga, places emphasis on purification, meditation and sacred living. We cannot access this higher state of consciousness if the emotional body is in control of our thoughts and if the physical body is impure. Nor can we access this higher Shivastate of consciousness if we are not meditating.

It is meditation that facilitates the work of the soul bringing transformation and the refinement of our vehicle, which evolves the characteristics (mental and emotional body activations) that Ra Uru Hu refers to above, transcending their control over our life.

It is also meditation that gives us the ability to be sensitive to correct decision-making.

But the meditation is ineffective if we are not practicing the lifestyle teachings of the eastern, spiritual science of Yoga, which provides the higher principles that transform the characteristics of the mental body and the emotional body.

This spiritual process, as taught through the eastern science of enlightenment, cultivates the qualities of good character, high ethics, sound morality, and spiritual aspiration, initiating the process of enlightenment.

Through a spiritual, maturation process, one lands in their true “role”, expressing their characteristics in an evolved, spiritual state of being. This is where our mental body and the skills brought forward from previous lifetimes become the tools for our Soul’s work in this lifetime. It is the nature of how our nine-centered being operates.

Through experience, experiment, frequent failures, occasional success, maturation and many lifetimes, eventually, the mental body is brought into alignment with the soul and freed from the chains of duality that the emotional body rules, but only if we are practicing the disciplines that the eastern yoga science teaches and we are working with a spiritual teacher. There are spiritual evolutionary initiations that can only be conducted by a spiritual Master that take us into the state of alignment and eventually, enlightenment.

The Human Design science of mechanics is an introductory teaching for the masses. It could be considered spiritual “kindergarten” in learning how to operate our vehicle. It is a full body of knowledge to explore for the busy mind, offering a direction for one’s thoughts to travel and explore. It’s a good place for the westerner to start if they have no spiritual practice.

However, it stops short of taking a person into the actual process of achieving alignment and landing in ones’ role. Meditation and purification are essential to this process. In fact, they are the only way to transcend the characteristics of the mental and emotional bodies and gain the “role” that Ra Uru Hu speaks about above.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design did not promote meditation nor did he espouse purification. However, he was a very intelligent, clever, gifted man that brought an important body of work introducing this spiritual process to the western mind through the bodygraph and the levels of knowledge that he created. His work provides the basic level of getting to know one’s self, which is imperative to initiate our growth in this new level of awareness that is upon humanity.

Master and the student

There is much going on beyond the physical eye seeing in relation to our personal evolutionary process. This is why the pineal gland has gained such attention in this era. The purification and activation of this gland “turns on” a spiritual sight that reveals so much more than what we can see on the physical plane.

There are children who have been born and a few adults who have this capacity to “see” at this time and most of them are under the tutelage and care of an enlightened Master who can provide the correct environment for them to thrive in this way.

This state of awareness that these children demonstrate is the full capacity of our nine-centered being. They can see many things in the aura, they are telepathic, able to read the mind of another, conduct distance healing and have the powers of manifestation that we may consider miracles but are really our inherent powers and the state of awareness that is possible for us at this time.

There is a natural process that all beings go through that eventually leads to a higher purpose and higher Age of aquarius 1group activity as we lose our individuality in the force of love, serving and doing our work that we are intended to do as an evolved, spiritual being.

The first step is to embrace the characteristics of our design, which many people miss because they are trapped in their emotional body and deeply distracted from their life path. This is why many people are not familiar with their incarnation cross nor are they living out their profile in its full potential.

Human Design teachings, combined with strategy and authority is an attempt to initiate disciplining the mental body so that one can get in tune with their characteristics and eventually, evolve by being in the right place and through having the correct experiences.

Through practicing meditation, reading spiritual scriptures and purification of the body and mind and through the guidance of an enlightened teacher one gradually transforms the mental and emotional bodies so that they can live out their highest capacity.

Embrace your characteristics as you practice your strategy and authority, tune into your life path that is defined in your incarnation cross and dial in the spiritual teacher that best suits you, for they lead you to the doorway of your Soul and the “role” that is intended for you.



written by Kashi Stone 2016