Not Self Behaviour of Throat
The undefined Throat Center tries to attract attention with words and actions. They try to be a Manifestor, talk excessively and are very insecure about what they will say. The Defined Throat Not Self behaviour talks too much and does too much and gives their energy away at every impulse.


Defined: 71% Undefined: 29%


This is an important Center whether defined or not with so many gate activations stemming off of it. All energy of the bodygraph flows to this Center as it works as the “town center’ of the ‘city’ that makes your design. Energy is actually metabolized and transformed in the body through this center.

If it is defined, the gates and channels determine the way in which a person speaks: Verbal manifestation and manifestation as action. The gates activated in your THROAT center have a specific function and voice; they represent what you will become in this life.

The THROAT Centers primary function is communication. Through language we are able to communicate our experiences and feelings to each other. Language is not about telling people what to do. Through communicating before acting, we can see beforehand what is viable and what is not.

The only way to operate correctly with this Center is through Strategy and Authority ensuring that your words and actions will emerge correctly. So many people speak and act too soon or too late. By following your Strategy and Authority you will always be in perfect timing.

The pressure of the THROAT Center is “what will I become or be?” and there is this tremendous pressure to become something because of the conditioning of society.


The Undefined THROAT Center
A person with an Undefined THROAT Center feels pressure to attract attention, talk and manifest. The Undefined THROAT is an amplification tool and is designed to attract attention. If they just wait, the attention will come as the amplification tool does the work for them. They are not designed to initiate speech or action. Defined THROATS will condition and pressure them to speak.

Usually the first thing that comes out of an Undefined THROAT is not received well by others because they are not in control of how something is communicated and it is unpredictable. Undefined THROATS should never speak first as it appears unintelligent or bad timing if they initiate conversation.

Undefined THROAT Center Healthy
The Undefined person enjoys the variety of voices that come out of their THROAT Center and the do not care what they say nor try to control it. They know that they get the attention that is correct for them and do not need to attract attention. They also feel pressure to speak when they are with others but do not act on it. They are comfortable with silence.

The Undefined THROAT Center Unhealthy
People with an Undefined THROAT Center, look for a variety of ways to attract attention, which will cause them to talk a lot in order to get it. When near Defined THROAT Center people they feel tremendous pressure to talk and will end up doing all the talking in order to relieve the pressure. They also spend a great deal of mental energy thinking about what they are going to say next, only to find that what comes out of their mouth is completely different and unexpected. With an Undefined THROAT Center you cannot plan what you are going to say.

Persons with the Undefined THROAT Center will have problems with or damage their metabolism because of this constant pressure. Allowing the Strategy and Authority to guide when to attract attention and when to speak is the only way.

The Undefined THROAT person, often asks themselves, “What am I going to become in life?” and they will initiate activity to figure it out.


Defined THROAT Center
The way we speak comes from the way our THROAT Center is defined. We actually communicate from this place where the definition is in our bodygraph but have been conditioned to speak from the mental plane.

With definition comes a consistent way in which a Defined THROAT Center will communicate. People who have definition from the throat to a motor have a tendency to talk too much and do too much. It is important that they do not talk about everything and give away their energy away to every impulse. Having a Motor connected to the THROAT Center also can create the urge to be impulsive and it may not be correct for you.

A Healthy THROAT Center
A Healthy THROAT Center speaks from its definition. If it is connected to the HEART Center, it speaks as “I”: “I want that, I have that, I did that”, etc.: If the THROAT is connected to the AJNA, a person speaks their mind; if the THROAT is connected to the Solar Plexus, the person speaks their emotions; if the THROAT is connected to the SPLEEN, the person speaks their knowing in the moment. If the THROAT is connected to the SACRAL, the person speaks from their SACRAL; if the THROAT is connected to the G Center, the person speaks from his identity. Understanding where your voice comes from allows you to speak with confidence.

An Unhealthy Undefined THROAT Center
The result of an Unhealthy THROAT Center is one who speaks or acts prematurely, leading to decisions that are unhealthy, impulsive and in bad timing. Too much talking and too much doing.