There Is An Epidemic Occurring

There is an epidemic occurring.

A few weeks back I wrote about the illnesses of the open Centers.

This week, we take a look at the illnesses associated with Centers when they are defined or undefined, and how they become impacted by a pressure that soon distorts and creates an illness.

Pressure from a defined Ajna, can easily cause a headache for an open, undefined Ajna. There is tremendous pressure to take in the mental chatter and it can be overwhelming. I can see how for years I tolerated taking in the energy, becoming overwhelmed and not having a clue what was happening but feeling strange and attaching all kinds of reasons to the experience colored by judgement for the person who I am experiencing this with.

The open Ego often, naturally goes into a “proving” marathon. A sensation like a heart attack can occur, putting great pressure on the heart organ. This is also the place of the stomach, gall bladder and thymus gland. For me, a belching marathon begins to relieve myself of the pressure of the Ego that is badly out of tune, insecure and addicted to competition, set on proving itself.

There is terrible pressure with the open Throat Center person when they talk and talk and hardly take a break, sometimes. There are times when I must interrupt and ask them “Please take a moment of silence” or “take a breath”. It really is painful and overwhelming to sit and have energy drained from the need for attention and constant babble that comes with it. This same type of pressure causes a similar pressure of the open Ego/Will/Heart Center being that is really proving itself, belching.

The next layer of the observation reveals the pressure of the open Emotional Center that is harder and heavier than the emotionally defined being. You will feel it in your pancreas, in the stomach, a tightening and sometimes get a stomachache. Your body may even begin to shake from the pressure of the cool, non-emotional being who is charged up and angry. This creates tremendous pressure on the nervous system, which bleeds throughout the whole body. It’s just not natural. It puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the kidney’s, prostrate, nervous system and the lungs. All of these organs are impacted by this pressure that is magnifying, amplifying and sending back. It is very stressful.

Many defined Emotional beings suffer a collapsed chest and stomach dealing with the pressure of the open, Non-Emotional beings around them. It can be very overwhelming


There is this tendency towards anxiety and blown adrenals with the Root Center. If someone is pushing too hard, everyone around them is exhausted and feeling as though there is much expectation to do things and get things done. You might find the core stress and pressure that is pushing you, causing you to go beyond your limits and into exhaustion. Guilt trips work marvelous in this setup. Check your mental tapes too, are they taking over and creating an unhealthy push and pressure to act or do things when really not necessary? Open Root mental tapes in the mind of one in your environment, can play through your mind, too.

With the Spleen, if the other is open, they will tend to hold on tight and not let go. They will become clingy, needy and focused on the other, not allowing for individuality or independence. This neediness can become a real drain on the system without time alone to revitalize and feel one’s own being.

Defined Spleens can also impact in this way. The Spleen, lymphatic system and the T Cells are the systems operating in this Center.  I can sense my lymphnodes react when I am put under stress by another. It can be very unhealthy.


This is why “same is best with same” as, taught in the Human Design science. There are vast contrasting differences in how the emotional and non-emotionally defined operate. There are also, tremendous challenges for those who are united in a defined Ego/ Will/ Heart Center and open Ego/Will/Heart. There is less of a tendency to pressure and stress when the chemistry is similar in nature.



Even if those around you do not practice this science, just knowing their Type and how they operate on a very basic level and then, treating them accordingly will bring tremendous relief to the pressure that often ensues in the dance of the auras.

This is why sleeping alone is so important. If you don’t get that break from the pressure, if you don’t get to empty and be free, vital and strong.

The dance of the contrasts in definition is epidemic and the cure for bringing greater harmony is discovering your unique design and living it radically – no matter what.


Written By Kashi Stone, 2014