The Program and Conditioning

not_so_happy_couple_20318813Our lives are riddled with lots of stories.

Our Emotional Body and our Mental Body have a hey day with this vehicle creating lots of drama, reasons and irrational behaviour.


It’s challenging to stay in our center, manage the interaction with others and keep from getting caught in the mayhem of stories that are created as we move through life. There is her story and there is his story. There is the others story too. It is everywhere. Conflicts happen and there is a reason immediately for why it is happening, or so it seems.

But it really isn’t so much what we think is happening in our interaction as much as the neutrino’s streaming through the program from the planets, Sun, Moon and stars. It has a big impact on our chemistry. More than we realize.

This is what we call the Program; the playing field where we live, and act out the influences of our Mental and Emotional bodies, every second of every day in all of our relating and decision-making.

We experience the influence of the planets and the Sun in our Program in different layers


The Moon governs our emotional reactions and sensitivities. It has the strongest impact on how we focus our energy and colors how the river of thought flows through our mind.

Mars influence comes through our action to get things done as we move about through the day. It governs how we spend our energy on our activity.

Venus influences how we relate throughout the day in our more intimate interactions with family and friends. It also brings adventure in possibilities of love when it is in a certain mood of transit. In the Program, Venus and the Moon, together, influence our love relating in all our relationships.

The Sun is the expression of one’s uniqueness and also recognized as the Ego. This is where we see special talents and gifts and the natural inclination for one’s life path. The Sun is continuously going through a refinement process. When the higher road is chosen, better experiences happen; this is the golden rule. 

Neutrino wolf

When we look at the transits in the Program, we not only look at the Sun, we look at an entire symphony. Through watching an entire symphony playing, rather than a single note, we grasp the understanding of how the Program is working and influencing. 

Many people do not understand the difference of living in the Program versus outside of the Program. And many do not even know what that means. Ra Uru Hu has mentioned many times throughout the teachings the importance of “not being caught in the program”.

Please don’t be confused

In order to interact, pay the rent and put food on the table, we need to operate in the Program, in some way.

We are human and it is a part of the material plane human experience. We live within it.

It is our opportunity to master the physical plane as divine beings. 

Spending time in nature alone is a great idea.

It is best if it is mandatory. That makes sense.


Written by Kashi Stone 2015

“Remember my little story at the beginning. I was all alone. I didn’t have any interference field around me. It was much easier for me within that context to really see at some level of purity what my relationship was specifically to the programme. 

“I’m not suggesting, by the way, that you go and live in nature for a while. But what I am saying is that you have to realise that only in the beginning by focusing on what those activations are going to be, can you actually have the attention to recognise them when they’re taking place. It’s not easy; we’re so dead. The magical senses, our real sensitivity, it’s not there. “

“What I like about the Sun/Earth programme is that it really gives value to Rathat old expression about ‘This too shall pass’.

It’s what I learned. The planets just keep moving around the wheel. These things do pass. And all those moments of blackness for somebody who’s a 6 and is hit by the 59 or somebody who’s a 39 and has to deal with the 55, this too shall pass.”

“Wait and see that. How it impacts on you. What it feels like. Where it takes you. Often you’ll forget, because that’s the way it works. And then the next day suddenly you’ll have this “Oh yes. That’s what happened”. You begin to see it. You begin to recognise it.”~ Ra Uru Hu, excerpt from Planetary Conditioning and the Transits, 2011