The Observer

Something funny happened to me the other day while I was playing in the kitchen.

The neutrino’s seemed to stimulate a barrage of mental tapes for me. The neutrino’s were kind though and PHS.Kashi2offered an opportunity to taste the elixir of awareness, stepping into that very special place known as The Observer.

In the Kitchen
I entered a creative streak that took me into a busy, multi-tasking event preparing 5 unique dishes of food; Tabhoulli with parsley gathered from my garden, dolmahs (a Mediterranean dish made with grape leaves and stuffed with rice), pastry dough for a couple of fruit pies, four veggie pasties, oatmeal raisin cookies and granola. (Yes, I have four motors!)

There seemed to be a lovely “groove” from one thing to another with my food preparations. With the parsley by the kitchen sink and the knife on the cutting board; the bulgur in a dish beside it, cookies mixed and baking in the oven while the crunchy, sweet crumbles provided a portion of the ingredients for granola, which left room to work on the dolmahs. With ingredients on the table: a cutting board to sort the leaves, a bowl of rice and currants in front of me to wrap inside the grape leaves, I get to sit down and rest my feet and back for a moment.

As I was preparing these various dishes, I observe the chatter in my head and the diverse avenues of thought that it was traveling along. While I fluttered from one creative project to another, I became aware of the mental tapes going on in my head with voices, characters, video’s and drama. I was amazed at the amount of criticism that my mind was entertaining. I didn’t feel like my usual self, at all.

Confused and somewhat disturbed at this mental activity, I’m suddenly awoken and distracted by the Observer. “knock, knock, Im right here watching you”.

The Observer watched my mind go through the chatter of stories while my body was standing over the chopping block mixing ingredients. Suddenly, The Observer notices my left hand slowly reach for the jar of flour on the shelf in front of me.

As my left hand moved towards the jar, my face slowly moved into a radiant smile. The Observer could see that I was happy cooking and baking and moving into the next baking adventure: the cookies.

The smile on my face had nothing to do with what was in my mind. The smile came from deep inside the body. The Observer within saw this as my mind saw it and made a mental note.

In that moment, I was three: Body, Mind and the Observer, split and conscious all at once as one. Amazing that awareness can do that, watch the mind and the body. But its deeply hidden or rather buried underneath so much noise and chatter and not always in the forefront.

The Observer is watching the thoughts, listening to the sensations speaking through the body. It is not concerned about tomorrow because it lives beyond time and space.  It has a quality of magic, as it may be perceived, that transcends the mind yet plays amongst the cycles and patterns of existence.

It is deeper than the mind, much more beyond it. Quietly, it sits still and calm – watching.

The Observer is still and content.
Content and forward in the being because the mind has not made the decisions, rather, the body Meditation.Kashimoves, the body responds in joy, a smile has appeared, shoulders are raised and back, the body feels relaxed.  Suddenly, one becomes The Observer, the body and the mind, the divine force that stirs deep inside the being moving as one in awareness.

When the awareness of The Observer comes forward, It is being in the right place at the right time, carried there by its own natural movement, without hesitation. The Observer is spontaneous, in the moment. Again, there is no time and space, therefore, there is no hesitation in moving towards what is right.

The Observer knows.

Satisfied, peaceful, creative in its own rhythm in a gentle, subtle state of grace.


2014 Kashi Stone