The “Needy Child”

lounging lovers

When compassion begins to enter a person’s life, everything starts to look a little different. The frustrations ease, the judgments subside and the intolerance with what is not correct, or out of tune fades as one watches the other battle its way towards significance and finding love.

We all want to be loved, recognized and accepted for who we are, mistakes and all.

Compassion sees the wounded child and offers a silent prayer that the one who is suffering will find their antidote, find their path towards fulfillment and discover the soothing balm that will heal their heart. There is not much we can do when it is not our life, nor our choices to make.

I’m beginning to feel great compassion for how the “needy child” must feel inside that causes him/her to behave the way they do.  Imagine feeling that you are never as good as or better than the person who is sitting across from you.

Maybe you entertain mental tapes that play:
“What can I do now that will prove that I know?”,
“I know, if I say something cool and hip they will think I’m a great guy
or “I wish I could be the president of the club. I can do it better than anybody”

I think we can all identify with these tapes either by witnessing them in movies, our interaction with others or playing it in some measure inside of our own mind.

The mental tapes can be very innocent too. You can hear things like, “Why is he paying attention to her? She’s taking all of the attention.” “I have more money than she does”. Weird twisted thoughts run through the mind, some are only a whisper but still impacting our character and distorting our chance for an enjoyable time with others.

If we were to watch and censor our thoughts each moment, we would have an entirely different experience. But instead, our thoughts run rampant and through a mixture of influences. The body moves and obeys the direction of the loudest and most prominently in control, like the Emotional Body, for instance.Aura5

The Emotional Body shows itself in different ways through each of the centers in the body, physically and emotionally. Through the Root Center the Emotional Body expresses itself as sex and survival colored by fear, through the Sacral Center it expresses as attraction and desire, through the Solar Plexus it is attachment – emotional, possessive or controlling. Through the Heart Center it is expressed in health and most of all, body language.

You can see the condition of a person’s Heart Center by how tall they sit or how straight they stand when they walk. If someone has their chin up, back straight and their chest up and out, they are confident, open to receiving and exchanging love and they are trusting. You will notice that many children have this as a natural posture. Little boys often stick their chests out to feel full of their own power. It is beautiful to witness in a child.

When life brings experiences that are painful, challenging and traumatic, it begins to show in our body, like the first time our heart was broken when we fell in love in school.

If someone is hunched over, shoulders forward, chin down and belly pouching, it’s heartache for sure. If a person shuffles their feet, stomps as they walk or looks but doesn’t smile, it’s probably a deep insecurity about one’s ability to fulfill life’s demands.

The Heart Center is the place of our Inner Child. In this center we love, we play and we share freely. We receive and we give equally, enjoying all that life has to offer. This is how our HEART center truly operates when it is healthy and the thymus gland, which is attached to this center, gets turned on just like a child on the playground where it is free to be itself for a moment without the burdens of life.Dancing little girl

There is chemistry in our body that is related to digestion, metabolism and the thymus gland, which has gone to sleep in most adults. Our digestive and metabolism system transforms completely when we become synthesized, and our thymus gland gets turned back on.

Many have heard the bible verse: “And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven…”

Ra Uru Hu mentions many times, “Love yourself”. It is truly all about loving one’s self. It is THE KEY to everything. Forget color, base and tone. It doesn’t matter what color or tone you are, if you cannot love your self. Besides, all of that other stuff just naturally falls into place in self-love – you dont have to pay thousands of dollars to get it.

Ra Uru Hu eludes to spirituality in different teachings but he makes it very clear that what he is really sharing is “logical mechanics”. Brilliant. We need a logical, scientific system to prove to the western mind and the masses that this ancient process of enlightenment taught in the eastern yoga mystery schools is something legit. Good job, Ra, thank you. Now the mind can stop searching and settle down.

How we relate with others and how much we have tuned into our spiritual path is the essence of what our HEART center is all about. It is true. It is directly related to evolving our form. If we can be our self and not take to heart what others do or think, if we can truly be our self without expectations from others and if we can bless those who exist with us, we get closer to becoming the child within.

There is a love that begins to grow within one’s being that is like a seed planted in the ground. It grows with the will to thrive and live and standing firmly in the essence of its individuality. This is the quality of the Inner Child. It is the love for life, a love for health, a love for vitality, a love for creativity and a love for our spiritual path, which we need so desperately to feed our soul, as an aspect of divinity.Child flourishing







One of my favorite tools to switch my mental tapes into something more edifying and to soften my heart as I am moving through life is a kaleidoscope. Try one and see if it doesn’t change your world for the better, while taking a moment to play and enjoy the beauty of life.kaleidoscope

Written by Kashi Stone 2016