The Imprinted Idiot

“You’re really being imprinted. I can see it”, the Reflector said to me while I was staying in an apartment building and sleeping less than twenty feet away from others. There are no walls in the other dimensions, only in the physical. Not even a wall stops the aura imprint from another person who may be in the apartment, next to yours, sitting in the chair watching TV or lying in the bed sound asleep; even above or down below, there are no walls in the astral or the etheric dimensions.

Sleeping alone, far away from others and far from the imprint of another person’s chemistry is golden rule number one. When I sleep near others or spend too much time with one person in one place, I get heavily imprinted and my character can change, drastically. This can happen easily with an open G person, like me. (see article here)

Including, when I am spending time with others in the same place too long, I lose my daily ecstasy. It is very difficult for me to maintain no matter where I go. Within a few days, the bliss dissipates, chords begin hooking into my Solar Plexus and the thought currents of others are trailing through my open centers. Meditation several times throughout the day is necessary just to clear the tentacles of jealousy, neediness, competition, victimhood, worry or fear as I work to hold my center inside the group or environment where I am staying.

Even sleeping far away from others at night, still, I must meditate throughout the day to clear, empty and hopefully, keep my bliss. It’s been proven that the less I am around people, the more I am in bliss. Seldom, do I receive a reflection of ecstasy from another person. Rather, most people are ill and/or terribly insecure and usually, they are in a form of worry concerning survival or love. Troubling, worrisome thought currents make it very difficult to dial in ecstasy in our togetherness. And yes, the more open a Head and Ajna center are, the greater the tendency to be imprinted and influenced by the thought currents of others.

Whatever environment we are living in, spending time in – work or home, whoever is in that space, contributes to and builds the atoms that create our physical form and state of health. Those same people set the thought currents that run through the mind throughout the day, creating our reality. For this reason, it is so important to be mindful of the connections that we are making and the relationships in which we form physical and emotional bonds.

It is obvious that whatever group we are living and working in, the weakest link, the one who is ungrounded, unstable or not healthy, sets the tone for the rest of the group and pulls on the energy of those who are the strongest for healing and sustainment. The overall tone of the group plummets when a sick person enters the domain or a character that is out of integrity attempts to integrate into the group and share energies.

Dialing in the correct environment, the right kind of alliances, the best thought-currents to entertain and the best company to keep is an art form that challenges the heart of one’s being. It can only operate in a space of detachment and surrender, trust and patience while in a state of grace as the life trajectory takes you from one experience to the next.

Bliss re-ignites when I am doing what I love with all my heart, uninterrupted nor distracted.
Bliss comes when I am feeling playful, inspired, and enjoying my environment.
Bliss bathes my entire being as I diligently strengthen the connection with my Higher Self through frequent meditation in a sacred space of beauty and quietness.
Bliss arrives when I am open, trusting and expanded in my encounters with others for this brings the right kind of connections for fulfilling my life purpose and supporting others.

When I first met my assistant Kai, who is a Reflector, we stood in front of each other and giggled as ecstasy rippled through my body and a delightfully surprising moment occurred in his trajectory. We were thrilled to have found each other in the sea of maya, the land of drama, the land of imprinting.

What a joy to share in uplifting thought currents that reinforce ecstasy.

It helps to be mindful of how one is being imprinted.

Don’t be an idiot.

May you choose wisely.




Written by Ama Kashi Satya Ananda Ma, 2018 February