The Human Jumping Bean

What screws us up

People jump and miss great opportunities.

It is that part of who we are that is dramatic, excited, and in a fearful state that pushes us into a hyper rhythm that can make us jump. An open Root Center is the most susceptible to this. And the Channel 39/55, Channel of Emoting that has lots and lots of boundless energy that gets carried away and excited, likes to jump too. Those two types of definition are likely to jump fast and miss some great opportunities coming up.

Then, there are those who are NOT Sacral beings, such as a Projector, Manifestor or Reflector. They can be even worse at jumping towards things and not waiting for life to come to them. The most difficult influence for them is a Manifesting Generator aura; if they are being conditioned by a Manifesting Generator, then they jump fast and a lot.

Those with Splenic Inner Authority are also fast and quick to jump but it can be correct when it is fast and in the moment because of their instinctual chemistry. Their danger is an emotional imprint of another’s aura. This will definitely cloud their instinct and make them slow to miss opportunities. I have watched it happen.

But the jumping is something that I really want to address here. I am watching so many people around me miss great opportunities because they are not patient and they jump. I am watching money being wasted from moving too fast, making the wrong decision and then having to play “catch up” fixing the mess from the jumping. And it not only affects just their life, it affects others lives. The jumping is a place of CAUSE that has a big EFFECT.

Timing is everything; it really, really is.

Watching this tendency to jump and not be patient also reveals what happens when you don’t jump and you just wait.

There is this place in the waiting that has a tension that grows, expands and tightens as things build up towards a shift in circumstances. It is very much like a rubber band that is stretched and then stretched some more. The band becomes tighter and less supple. So it is with the waiting until the shift.

You can watch, after a period of time, you begin to think, “I just can’t take this anymore. I’m calling them and initiating this into action”. And off you go making phone calls, sending emails, out the door down to their house or in the car to find them. It is this place where the waiting becomes unbearable. In that waiting, past that feeling, is when the correct things happen, most of the time. It is also at this edge of waiting where the jumping or initiating happens, most of the time.

When we are patient beyond that tension that grows inside the waiting, something happens that you never, ever expected would happen. And what happens in that moment is a thousand times better than what your mind was hoping for, intending, wishing or trying to initiate. I am always blown away.

I have an emotional Projector girlfriend. I love what she does to assist with the stress and the feeling of having to jump or initiate. She knows that there is a sense of timing and the importance of moving from one thing to the next in a state of calmness. When something comes up, a decision, an issue, a concern, we light a candle and put it in the middle of the kitchen table. We set our intention as we light the candle and then leave it there for the rest of the day and night until the candle has burned down completely.

We never light it and then blow it out. We allow it to burn all the way down. Sometimes, we choose a particular color for the candle that we are lighting such as green for money, blue for healing or rain, pink for romance, etc. She has suggested to me that if I don’t have that particular color of candle to use a white candle on the color of cloth, plate or stone representing the intention.

And then we let the candle burn. We turn our attention to something we feel like doing in the moment. The house gets tidied up, laundry gets done, food gets cooked, firewood brought in for the evening fire. All of these things are self-loving activities that we can be doing while we are waiting and the candle is burning.

We don’t jump and we don’t hurry and we don’t try to make something happen. We just wait to see what life brings us while we do what we feel like doing in the moment. We have already forgotten about the concern or worry, the candle is taking care of it for us.

Often, whatever is the issue, it gets resolved within a few hours. The house gets clean and delicious food gets prepared. The laundry gets done too. I also get to write an article outside on the porch. Laughter can be heard from the kitchen or from the porch. The candle is taking care of the “issues” for us. We can concentrate on what we enjoy doing in the moment.

It’s a great ritual.

Take one week and when something comes up that creates a worry or concern, try practicing lighting a candle and “not jumping”. Watch what happens when you don’t give into your mental tapes and act on them. Watch what happens when you go beyond the tension of “I can’t stand it any longer” and then sit there. Don’t call, don’t send the email; don’t try to make something happen because you are afraid or impatient. Just surrender. Light the candle and then practice a little bit of self-love by doing what you really enjoy in the moment.

Let go and watch the show.

You will be pleasantly surprised at what happens.

One important suggestion: Don’t turn on the television. Television can make a person numb to subtle energies that are happening on the subconscious level where the Design Crystal speaks. Self-loving rituals include spending time gardening, edifying the mind through literature, creating beauty, learning about natural medicines and nature, playing music and making art.

Most of all, sleeping in an environment that provides space for your aura to empty, while you sleep, makes a big difference. At least fifteen feet circumference is what you need, all sides and above and below where you sleep, including apartments, which are surrounded by living spaces and walls of bedrooms.

Often, people act out an entirely different chemistry or TYPE when they share a sleeping space with another. There is no way that a person can operate correctly, when they are heavily imprinted by another person’s chemistry.

Here is a video on aura’s and sleeping environments by Ra Uru Hu, the founding teacher of Human Design:

Written 2015, by Kashi Stone