The Higher Path or the Lower Road

Within the human chemistry are very specific energies that play directly into relationships and their impact on the health and wealth of a being. On a large scale, humans are very predictable and consistent. You can see this demonstrated in everyday astrology. If you have the chance to understand and observe astrology, it will blow your mind as to how accurate it is. The predictions are always accurate when read from an experienced, astute astrologer.

What you find in astrology are story lines that predict and outline a human’s life story. There are two primary tracks in life: high road and low road. Depending on how grounded one is in their own Self, determines which planets and when and how on which track. It is fascinating to observe how each person’s life story is told as they are experiencing it, high, low and in between.

The astrological life story always shows the dance between love relationships, issues or needs with sexuality, and the consequences of very poor decisions. Astrology also shows what life is like when a person chooses the high road. But the high road often demands a state of awareness that most people find difficult to apply. Many choose to travel the path of suffering over the higher path because of their attachments, hoping to avoid loneliness or their distorted idea of love or fulfillment. It is unfortunate. Often, it seems that the lower road is chosen because of the open Centers in a person’s system. They can be very tricky and influential in how a person lives out their life path.

Let’s look at a few life examples to further convey the point that I am attempting to make here. Keep in mind that I am using a combination of astrology, Human Design and the I Ching for interpreting the life stories.


Person #1 Male / 31 years old

This person’s life story shows that he is here to influence others with his brilliance while hiding away from the world. He is meant to spend time alone creating and developing his character, focusing on what he is here to share with the world, artistically.

His deeper, burning passion is to write a new life story freeing himself from the neglect of his parents during his childhood. Through his love relationships, he looks for some way to gain what he feels that he was deprived of as a child and abandons his need for aloneness.

Currently, he is in his Saturn Return cycle, which shows that he could achieve wide influence in the world with great accomplishments. If he does not take advantage of these great opportunities that are available to him, he will suffer humiliation and isolation, he will lose all his great powers that he incarnated with, his emotions will dominate his relating and his self-esteem will be very, very low. He will also be caught in a deep delusion of life and love, which thwarts his ability to think clearly and to move swiftly, honestly and valiantly through life.

The key to accessing this ‘good luck’ is through his ability to avoid those things that bring degeneracy. Perverse stimulation is his death trap. Associating with the wrong company because tempted by pleasure is also another deep hole that destroys these fantastic opportunities upon him. These are the sink holes of the open Solar Plexus.

In 2016, he entered into a romantic situation because of his slight feelings of loneliness. Deep down inside, he felt that a slight bit of deviation from his life path would not bring too much harm. The open Spleen can make one feel this way.

This year, 2017, shows that he is at a crossroads in life with a powerful choice to make. One direction is a chance to soar to the heights and influence the world, blessing all those he comes into contact. If he ignores these qualities that he has been given, if he hides his talents or gets distracted, he loses his powers and begins to deteriorate, losing his opportunity to accomplish anything worthwhile in the world.

In the year 2018, through purification rituals, he can adjust himself and prepare for gaining recognition in the world. Through his highest expression of culture and art, held firmly on course, he becomes a great teacher and influences on an international level. If he doesn’t do his purification rituals and chooses to stay in stasis ~ or a bad love affair, he becomes one very frustrated MG who has difficulty controlling his anger and is in constant emotional turmoil while holding a very low self-esteem.


Person #2 Male / 40 years old

This person is here to use their imagination and to share their higher knowing with others. In this lifetime, they are learning how to balance the material and spiritual planes, eventually leading them into the spiritual life, fully.

In the year 2016, this person experienced a sort of ‘mid-life’ crisis, re-evaluating their life and breaking off any relationship that felt unbearable, in a hasty way, to remove excessive tension from their life. An open Solar Plexus can keep one in a bad relationship and the mouth shut tightly when it needs to express its truth and create change for the better. Fortunately, he found a way out of the relationship and is enjoying his sovereignty.

For the year 2017, a wonderful, creative opportunity is being presented that has great financial possibilities. Towards the end of this year, he will attract someone significant that he can balance his freedom with his need for closeness. If he is not clear or honest about how he is feeling or thinking, he will create a foggy reality that creates much confusion and many problems.

In 2018, he is cautioned to restrict the type of relationships that he entertains while he enjoys great success in his creative endeavors and friendships. However, his open Solar Plexus is going to challenge his ability to enjoy his power and sovereignty. He could end up chasing after sexual fantasies or yearn for a relationship, like the open Solar Plexus can do and miss out on those great opportunities for the future.


Person #3… female / 43 years old

This person is here to express her genius qualities with the world. Through gradually changing the way she thinks and modifying her behavior, she mutates and achieves recognition for her brilliance.

There is the possibility that she will get caught with anxiety and restlessness, staying stuck in outdated traditions and miss the chance to mutate, entirely. She also has a tendency to mix with the wrong company, which puts her at risk, enjoying stimuli that can be very bad for her, such as drugs or excessive drinking. Her strong, open Ego obsesses with creating an impact, so much so, that she can easily waste her energy on the wrong things.

For the year 2016, she chose to ignore what was necessary to empower herself. She may have got involved with the wrong kind of people, because she has been desperate or afraid of being alone. Her ambitions could have caused her to avoid her higher path entirely. At the same time, she can create problems where there are no problems, just to entertain herself or to escape boredom.

In 2017, the stars show that she could continue to endure chronic instability, which could easily create mental madness. This will cause her to interact in ways that could be highly inappropriate, socially. She will not enjoy being controlled by anyone and will look for ways to avoid being under someone’s thumb. She will do anything necessary to get what she wants, even if it is not truthful or is slightly unpleasant, even unethical.

The year 2018 indicates wonderful possibilities. In whatever way she has earned her money, she will learn that the true key to manifesting power is through higher principles. She will enjoy her time alone, or she will yearn and seek out attention, like an open Throat center being does. As long as she is in a position of authority and recognized properly, she will accomplish great things. If she craves for attention, like the open Throat center, or refuses to be patient, like the open Ego or behaves overly sensitive and needy, like the open Emotional center can sometimes be, she will lose in some way.


Person #4 / Female, 55 years old

This woman is here to achieve a high place of recognition, yet, she can easily become isolated because of misunderstandings that repeatedly occur in her relationships. Through aligning with those who are similar in nature, she ensures her ability to survive and thrive and reduces the chances of misunderstandings.

In the year 2016, she encountered powerful forces that caused her to make big changes in her life. There is the possibility that she could have festered in anxiety over sacrificing higher principles for the sake of relationship and endure emotional instability. There is also the possibility of a powerful transformation taking place inside of her while she enjoyed her retreat and embraced the changes.

In 2017, she has the ability to enter into great displays of religious rituals like the open Throat center can do or to enjoy a simple life with little recognition while developing loving friendships. She could apply the necessary discipline and awareness required for developing her character further and enjoy a peaceful, quiet life.

In 2018, it is imperative that she is patient and slow moving towards success. If she is not centered in her own creative expression, she could endure terrible frustration trying to live out others expectations of who they think she should be.

As you can see, life is laid out before one with absolute, definite choices that can change life dramatically, for the good or for the bad. It is the ability to see and think clearly, a quality of individuality in centeredness that brings great opportunities into a person’s life.

If one chooses to stay deluded, as open Centers often cause one to do, then one misses out on some truly great opportunities and happenings.

Please choose wisely


Written by Kashi Stone 2017