The Great Cover-Up

A friend came to visit me the other day. I was happy to see her and she was happy to see me. It was a lovely moment and for some reason, her presence kept me in a constant state of ecstasy ~ much to my delight. It doesn’t take much to send me into ecstasy but it is nice when it’s a constant stream rippling through my body when I am sitting with someone. The romance with Higher Self is the most fulfilling, delicious relationship that a human can experience.

The Higher Self loves it when one is bumping into the right people at the right moment in the right places. The serendipitous trajectory that is a basic human right, staying present and in the moment, is the only way to step into this reality of luscious, ecstatic existence with one’s higher source. So often, humans miss that opportunity and remain as a prisoner to their mental tapes, dogma or rationalizations. Thank heavens, we have stepped into the Age of Aquarius. Humanity is evolving and perceptions are broadening. It is a blessing, indeed.

Perhaps, the most revolutionary change upon humanity that is happening right now is the Solar Plexus mutation. With this mutation comes a change in the way humans relate and interact and a powerful way of operating life.

The mutation first began in the mid-1700’s, when we began our transition from Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius. It was during this time in history when Uranus, Pluto and Neptune were discovered by astronomers. Each time a super star or planet is seen, there is a jump in evolution, which changes the way humanity lives, eats, relates and breathes, impacting the human form greatly. What is meant to be revealed gets revealed in accordance to the evolutionary phase of humanity.

With the discovery of these three planets, came the mutation that is causing the emotional part of our being to change radically. It is also changing a host of other things inside of our being, which is why Pluto and Neptune are important indicators, as much as Uranus.

What is exciting about this mutation is that it is calling out and bringing forth a level of integrity that humanity is desperately needing in its interaction with life.

Addressing the deepest aspects of our emotional conditioning and the insecurities that ride with it, we begin to uncover, unearth and expose what I call, “The Great Cover-up”. One can easily see this “Cover-up” with the influence of these planetary forces streaming through our human system. The new state of heightened awareness that many people are realizing today makes integrity paramount to the process of awakening and impossible to hide anything. It is a blessing.

“The Great Cover-up” is a state of hyper-insecurity that often, stems from an Ego who feels challenged, threatened or who has done something that they do not want anyone to know about so they create a cover that hides the truth. It’s very common, this “Great Cover-up”, for it is used often, unconsciously, in most relating.

“The Great Cover-up” gets put into place when the Ego feels tremendous fear or self-loathing, which can be seen in the compromises made through choices and decision-making. This is the beauty of this mutation that is happening. It actually demands that one become responsible for their behavior and for what they speak or think. This proves just how important being in the present moment is for all human beings, no matter who they are.

In “The Great Cover-up”, often, the insecure, fearful one will point attention towards another, directing eyes away from actions that have not been in integrity. It could be embarrassing being a 1/3, 3/6 or a 3/5 Profile, as taught in the Human Design science. Many mistakes and broken bonds happen with these three Profiles, creating messy karma. A 6/3 Profile tends to think before it acts, feeling the responsibility of its decisions and impact.

The 5/1 is often, the victim of such mayhem in human relating. It’s not so easy to attack a 5/2, with their tendency to be shy and withdrawn. But with the stance of authority that the “1” carries and the mirror of projections of an unhealthy society, it’s easy to attack a 5/1 and make them look as though they are the bad guy, at least for a minute. Suddenly, there is so much noise regarding the 5/1, the crowd is shouting, “crucify him, crucify him” with the intentional “cover-up”. Before long, the 5/1 is hanging on the cross. But, most of us know what happens to the one who gets hung on the cross, they rise again. This is the nature of the Profile 5/1, when correct and fulfilling their destiny.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design was a 5/1. He knew how it felt to be the heretic and the one who was to blame when others felt threatened or fearful. With his defined Ego Manifestor design, most likely, he plowed right past the crowd and ignored the petty, insecure, bored minds, much like the environment that facebook can provide.

With this mutation, many people are making an effort to take their power back through conscious decision-making. This is one of the glorious benefits of this mutation.

Watching people wake up is a very satisfying experience and it is encouraging. Human Design does assist with gaining greater understanding of why things are happening in the Program. Ra Uru Hu has often referred to Human Design as a “dualistic measuring machine for the maya”.

Indeed it is.

A spiritual teaching, it is not. Human Design is not designed for connecting with Higher Forces. It is designed to manage chemistry IN THE PROGRAM.

Human Design attempts to convey to the student that through emphasizing Inner Authority and Strategy of TYPE, one can make better decisions, which creates a better ride through the PROGRAM, using the body graph as a tool and symbol to transmit its teachings.

Sometimes, humans get very comfortable in their dogma, looking for ways to rationalize their way out of responsibility for their own being. And for that reason, Human Design becomes incredibly helpful to managing one’s process, intellectually.

However, Higher Principles are mandatory to the process of evolution and transformation, ultimately, requiring an enlightened teacher for evolving into one’s highest potential.



Written by Kashi Stone 2017