The Gift of Authenticity

Best for me

Human Design teaches authenticity. Most people, when they approach Human Design are genuinely interested in knowing more about how they are designed and how they operate. What they often don’t realize is just how powerfully their mind has taken control of their lives. It is also difficult to see just how conditioned we are.

We approach Human Design with a full mind; a busy mind that is creating havoc in our life with absolutely no clue how to steer our life, our body, our relationships or our activities for work. Our mind takes us far away from being really authentic.

When I look back at my life and the conditioning that was so prevalent and common surrounding me while growing up, I see the influence of religion, education, romance, fashion, makeup, hairstyles, cars, jewelry and even foods.

What has continuously tripped me up in living out my true authenticity has been the conditioning around marriage. Being raised in a Christian home marriage was given paramount importance. My grandmother had sent me to finishing school so that I could be groomed into the “perfect wife”. It was my grandmother’s dream for me.

The fairy tale of romance kept me prisoner to an idea, a cultural standard and a heavy conditioning agent for becoming something so different than what I really am.

The mental tape has played and dominated my mind as I have moved about attempting to navigate my life. Unfortunately, most of my life decisions have been made to accommodate someone’s dream, my parents or my partners.

Even more difficult to navigate has been the influence of the electromagnetics. They will trick one more than they realize. I have watched my mind create an orchestra of mental tapes, belief systems and juicy romantic stories around the electromagnetic connections. I also recall being enchanted by what is different than me. It is all so incredibly seductive to the mind.

It has taken many years to undo the tapes and the conditioning. I feel like it is finally beginning to crumble away at fifty-two years of age, small bits and pieces. It has taken many years to get to me, the core of me.

When I made the decision to find me, be true to me at any cost, I lost my family, I lost most of my friends and I lost everything that I knew and held dear in my life. It was all taken from me. I could no longer live the façade of the conditioning of my youth.

When everything crumbled, I went to live in nature for a period of years. I decided that I had to live me whatever that meant and far away from the influence of others.

I was determined to find me.

Which brings me to authenticity.

The Oxford Dictionary describes “authenticity” as genuine, legitimate, valid, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, credible, accurate, true, veracity, fidelity.

For me, the greatest tool in gaining authenticity has been the years that I have spent sleeping in my own aura. I can see psychically that sleeping alone is paramount to being able to navigate from one’s own core and exude an accurate expression of who one really is.

I can see that when I am sleeping in another person’s aura that I am picking up all of their body symptoms from pain to passion. I am picking up their psychology, mental tapes and spiritual condition. This includes anyone sleeping within a fifty feet radius of my body.

I’m not “me” until I get the full nights sleep alone in my own aura. Anything I do, whether it is applying my Strategy and Authority or just waiting for life to come to me, it is not going to get me to authenticity. I will never get there if I am carrying around someone else’s psychology and aura debris. People will not read my energy correctly either. That makes me lose opportunities that could be correct for me.

I have watched it happen.

The second aspect of authenticity is becoming vulnerable. Learning to have a sense of humor with one’s self, embracing the “good and bad” of who one is, the dark and the light that exist within. This allows for a more relaxed way of being.

Being vulnerable means that one is able to withstand attack, hurt, pain and stand in the core of who one is. It means that one is willing to be true, legitimate, accurate, reliable, choosing to be, no matter what may come.

In this vulnerability also comes weakness and challenges and learning to embrace all of one’s self without judgment and without fear of being who one really is, dark and light, angel and devil.

When understanding comes in how one operates it clears so much confusion about who one is, what one is here for and what one’s life purpose is. All of that can fade into the background when one is radically apply the tools of Human Design. The science is a great instrument to uncover the layers of conditioning and getting to the core of who one really is.

The gift of authenticity is the magic that happens when we become truly, genuinely our self. We are naturally led directly towards the correct people for furthering our life work or life experiences. We naturally connect with those who are supportive of our endeavors. and we will find that we connect in perfect timing as life unfolds.

I am watching it in my own life. I can see that when I really wait, when I quiet my mental tapes and manage my open Centers, push away and really give myself time to see if I really do want something, I am led directly towards those who are correct, compatible and supportive. It is radically different than anything my mind tries to construct or predict. It is always a surprise.

“Everything about Human Design is that the moment that you escape conditioning you escape sameness. And it is the sameness that clouds our mythological potential. It is the uniqueness of operating correctly as ourselves that define our very mythology and fulfill our lives in a state that in Design we call awaken-ness. Simply to be correct as yourself is to be unique and to be one who is fulfilling the potential of their incarnation.”

~ Ra Uru Hu

                                                        written by Kashi Stone 2014