The 5/1 Profile




The Profile 5th line has a unique spin on it that no other Profile has. It is not an easy path because it is highly subject to the projection field of the physical plane.

If the fifth line is in the Personality side, such as in the 5/1 and 5/2, their journey through life is going to be deeply impacted by the interaction that they have with others.







A Tall Mirror

As the fifth line being is standing in front of someone, the person begins inventing the character of the “5” personality in their mind, just as they are looking in the mirror.

If the character of the fifth line being that has been created by the “other’s” mind is bringing something practical, useful and enlightening to the conversation, then the “5” is seen as someone who is truly brilliant and wise.

Suddenly, the fifth line being is projected upon that it has the answer and that they are saving that person, in some way.

This can be a good thing because it can bring good opportunities.


If the fifth line being shares insights that are trivial, ridiculous, or inept, then they will be crucified and their reputation severely attacked.  In that moment when an impractical idea is being shared, the other person seeing the impracticality will begin strategizing in their mind how to tell everyone that they know, that this person is an idiot.

This brings an element of anti-socialism and paranoia to the fifth line being. They have one single moment to make an impression, good or bad. A fifth line has no idea what the other is going to project so it is purely organic in how it evolves and the experience is completely reliant on the environment and people where the fifth line is exposing itself.

A 5th line eventually learns how to be embraced by people and how to be hated, simultaneously, transmuting the projections and experiences. 

If something has gone wrong, the group will gather in momentum against the Fifth Line Profile shouting, “Crucify him!”

5-1 life of Jesus

Jesus Christ was probably a fifth line being. He challenged traditional religious practices, like a heretic and he was crucified.

Ultimately, he became the saviour. And what was his practical solution?
Be still and know “god”, love yourself so that you can love others too. Not many people could grasp what that means. Many still don’t.


The independent nature of the 5 does not settle well under another authority. The 5 naturally rebels tradition and antiquated thinking, particularly religious thinking. Through a variety of experiences in life as a 5, through the scapegoating, the burning on the cross, the projections, the rejection from family and the saviour complexes, they are shaped and cultivated into teachers of a new era for humanity. They gain a plethora of experience, which brings wisdom and the thick skin required to sustain the battering and the praising that comes with bringing something new into the world.


The most difficult thing for a fifth line Profile is intimacy.

Many fifth line Profile beings would love to be embraced for who they truly are. But because of how misunderstood and poorly projected upon most of their life growing up, there is a “coldness” or arrogance quality that tends to isolate the fifth line, socially. They can tend to feel “nasty” because they are exhausted dealing with the projections. The more not-self they are, the more, “nasty” in nature a fifth line will feel in interaction. And the more time they spend in the wrong environment with the wrong people, the more of this “not-self” they become.


The 5th Line Profile work to do

reflectionWhen the fifth line is healthy, in tune and is practical, it offers some great gifts for work on the material plane.

The significant purpose of the fifth line is to find roles for people and assist them in dialing into their life purpose. Most fifth line people can see the skills, talents and gifts of others and then assist by placing them in the correct position to express those abilities.

Fifth line beings that are skilled at life coaching or teaching, are perfect for assisting those who are ready to drop conditioning and move into their true chemistry. They are natural leaders, for the quickening that is upon us now.

Roughly 15% of the population are 5th line Profiles, which are the natural teachers for awakening. They can offer some great insight and practical suggestions to help others to succeed in life.  The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, was a 5/1, a natural authority in directing the Raprocess of learning the mechanics. He is a perfect example of the potential inherent in a correct fifth line Profile.



Written by Kashi Stone 2015