Fastest Racehorse of Them All

wild horsesMG’s (Manifesting Generators) are a 50/50 mix of Manifestor chemistry and Generator chemistry.

The pure Manifestor aura is actually being phased out of the human race and off the planet. The Manifestor aura will not be incarnating again. This is their final lifetime. They are very much a part of the seven-centered consciousness that existed prior to the advent of the nine centered being in 1780’s. They are the kings and queens, the priests and wealthy lords and ladies from previous lifetimes who governed and enslaved large groups of Generators. This is the last round of that type of hierarchy and reign over humans.

The MG has been created as a bridge to the distant worlds that rest between the Manifestor and Generators. This new bridge takes Generators out of slavery and paves the way for Projectors to guide, organize, and strategize.

What the MG has gained is the strategy to inform. The pure Generator has the ability to patiently wait to respond to life but the MG, however, wants to push energy and make things happen. It can feel that extra juice that it has and it can make it really confusing for the MG, sometimes.

With the chemistry of the Manifestor, the MG gains an advantage over the Generator by being able to push energy in a particular direction. If it is not correct, the process is not smooth and there is no momentum for getting a project off the ground, as it soon goes flat. It is this push to leap into action and to “just do it” that is sitting on the edge of the chemistry of all MG’s. This can cause them to be very erratic, especially if they are not tuned in to their chemistry.

The tendency of the MG is to push energy, waste time and ultimately, money. If you count how much money was spent and how much is left and what has been manifested, you will see the results of mental decision-making and the obvious truth to this statement.

One will find that most of the time, the pressure to initiate and jump comes from fear of survival and need for security. We make so many decisions in desperation to be comfortable, accepted, to feel love and to feel a sense of significance.

This pressure to jump and lack of patience also “bleeds” into the aura’s of others. I can feel when I am sitting in the company of a MG aura. I begin to feel really fast inside in my chemistry and a tremendous pressure on my Throat Center, even my heart organ too. I actually feel like a fast racehorse about to burst through the gate when I am interacting and trying to plan with a MG. It’s kind of comical to watch. I can really see the change and feel the rush. I truly have great compassion upon seeing the struggle to be patient that a MG endures. wild horse painting

I also get a thrill watching a MG when it has slid into a position that activates them and provides the opportunity to make things happen. It is really, really exciting to watch and be a part of.  Wow, a racehorse crossing the finishing line, victorious in energy well spent doing what they love! It is truly glorious to witness.

I also see a big difference in how the Generators tend to cover more of the details in the planning that save money and time when the MG skips certain steps to “Just do it and make it happen.”

Recently, I invited a Splenic MG to assist me in placing my floor rugs. His suggestion was that we just try it several ways, move the furniture a few times and see what works.

I looked at him and said, “You gotta be kidding. How about I get a blank piece of paper, pencil and tape measure?” I asked hoping that we could slow down and actually measure the room and the rugs before going into a furniture-moving marathon.

He chuckled and said, “I knew you would want to do that, sure, go ahead.”

I was pleasantly surprised.

The waiting and pacing is crucial, though, I can see this. I can see how MG’s get excited and then lose focus, skip steps, initiate and jump ahead thinking that they have it all under control. How different it is when time proves that they have jumped and mistakes have been made, money has been wasted and they could have spent their energy on something more beneficial.

Wild horse art.2

Then, there is the difference between the Manifestor and the Manifesting Generator.

The correct, pure Manifestor informs and tells people before they do something – after they have gained clarity. Then, before they act, they tell those around them who they are impacting by this decision.

The Manifestor aura is so vague in sensation because of its repelling nature that the Generator cannot easily “taste” the aura nor really gain understanding like it can with other Types. So the informing has a magical quality that helps gain understanding and bring a sense of relaxation to those who are impacted by its movement and decisions.

The Manifesting Generator also causes a slight glitch in the process of moving ahead when it doesn’t inform. The just like the Manifestor, it will avoid informing before it does something. And just like the Manifestor, it really, really does not like having to inform. In the same way, like the Manifestor, it gets flow for projects when it informs and is correct in its actions. Informing reduces resistance, frustration and limitations. It’s actually the golden rule for getting energy to move.

The key is patience. If the MG can master the process of being patient, being busy doing what they love, informing as they activate, great things will come the MG way.

Life brings those correct opportunities that work in alignment with one’s life purpose. It does become obvious over time in the daily practice of patience and observation.



2014 Kashi Stone