The Day There Was No Moon

It’s amazing what one can see through the science of astrology.

One can witness the planets moving, moment by moment, and see how much they are impacting and influencing the life. It is awe inspiring and mystifying to watch this phenomenon occur.

Mars usually involves work that one is conducting. If Mars is square Pluto, it can bring unpleasant health conditions or cause the car to break down on the way to work. If it is trine Jupiter, it can bring in lots of money, if the ego is not out of control.

Pluto urges the spiritual nature to express itself, which can cause a crisis and an adjustment. When one is in crisis, one is learning to slow down, stay present and to let go. It’s a heavy trip what these planets can lay down on us when they are squared or juxtaposed. But it can also bring sudden windfalls, great new encounters or strange luck.

Mercury is always about communication, as we impact and create our reality through our spoken word. Depending on how Mercury is activated, determines how we are going to interact, talk with and share our insights with others. When Mercury is activated positively, we are reaching agreements, careful and positive in our speech and life seems to run rather smoothly.

All of the planets have an impact, moment by moment, causing us to behave in different ways throughout the day, in all of our interactions.

For most, the Moon is impacting their day more than any other planet, providing key information about a person’s psychology. The Moon impresses the human mind with desires, obsessions and attachments in love. It also haunts us with memories from the past and often starts the day with the same issues that need to be addressed, running through the mind. It is very powerful how the Moon impacts and controls human life.

The Moon governs the thinking process in our romantic interests, too. Thoughts of how our lover is feeling and thinking; what our lover is intending to do. You will also hear the echoes of conversations past and future streaming through the mind throughout the day. Thoughts of a kiss or the last embrace, they are all there. The lover is daydreaming of romantic moments somewhere, in some way, most of the time. It’s the same reason that many love songs and heartbreak ballads are written. It is because these thoughts occupy and dominate the thought-field, as a rule.

Once in awhile, there is a day with no moon influences and that is a sweet gift from heaven, when it happens. There is no pressure, there is no angst and there is no strange, overriding emotion. There is pure, sweet creative energy flowing through that is aligned with one’s true life path in a calm, gentle spirit. That is if one is slow enough and quiet enough in the mind to feel it.

The emotional thought-field of the Moon is very fast changing, faster than any other celestial body. It is also pushing us out of relaxation, which is where disease begins in the body.  The best way to manage the moons impact on the body and mind is to relax and move towards creativity, in some way everyday throughout the day.

At the same time, it is very important to be mindful of how one is being impacted by their environment. For instance, if the person you are living with is holding unpleasant thoughts about you, it is going to suppress your ability to create or to enjoy life. One bad romance or an unkind friend too close to the heart can suffocate and destroy a life. This is why it is imperative to make the right choices. One can either be in drama, swayed by the currents, or one can watch, manage, prepare and inspire the day, creatively, in the right place with the right people who are supportive and congenial.

As we express ourselves creatively, we allow our Soul to come forward and to be a true expression of possibilities, which fosters the wonderful state of joy. We refine our skills, practice what we love and while we are doing what we enjoy, we are actually preparing ourselves for opportunity ~ good opportunities.

The greater our creative expression unencumbered by the emotional body and the mental madness, the higher the quality of inspiration and will to do the next thing, better, more beautiful and a little more slower. Through this conscious adjustment in action and focus, we naturally align with our life purpose.

May you have a blessed, creative day ~ Kashi