The Colors of Emotion

blue water

Our Emotional Body shapes our mind and our life most of the time. Through its influence it colors the thinking process, creating a story, holding one captive to its desires and passions. Part of our evolutionary process is about learning how to control and refine this portion of our being that is causing most of our misery.

When the Emotional Body has full run and control of the mind, it devitalizes the body and shuts down our life force. There is nothing left to manifest our life purpose and much of our life force is spent on the pain and the drama that the emotional body is orchestrating, much like a soap opera.

Keep in mind that tears and anger are not the Emotional body. The Emotional body is an entity that flows energy out towards its desires or its passions or expels strong reactions, all in a spectrum of color.

As we move about and entertain thoughts, we exude a frequency that is made up of geometric patterns and colors pulling manifestation into our life. It is exactly what we witness in Masaru Emoto’s work with water. You can read about his work in the book, “Hidden Messages in Water”. Link for book here:  

In his experiments, he discovered that water was greatly impacted by thoughts and intentions. Whatever message we send into the water impacts the geometric pattern of the water molecules.

Water spirit


In the same way, Our Emotional Body thought-forms are geometric patterns creating a waterfall of color. Under the impulse of the thought-form, the body gives off a frequency of geometric shapes, much like sand vibrating on a drum, drawing particles for building hues of colors.Aura6

We are a network of streams of energy from above, across the planet and from below, from one person to another and so on. Within these streams are tiny particles of crystals that are brilliant geometric shapes. These tiny crystals are thought-forms, projecting the nature of our design, expressing in color and connecting us with what we are focused on.

You can easily observe the nature and tone of a person through the color and hues that their aura exudes. The more negative thinking, critical, judgmental or harmful the thoughts, the more cloudy, dark, odd, misshaped crystals floating out towards others.

As the thoughts become more centered on appreciation, gratitude, compassion and service, the more beautifully intricate and faceted the design of the thought crystal becomes, much like the shape of a flower.



As the thoughts become more concerned with cosmic law and order and metaphysics, they take on geometrical shapes such as circles, cubes, pyramids, triangles, pentacles, etc.






You can see the color dark red, brown, or murky, dark hues when someone is angry or depressed. The aura becomRedes a brilliant, vivid scarlet when they feel indignant, arrogant, deserving or entitled.



Red rose



Hues of Rose red exude are present when love is on the mind.



The hues can range from dark red for animal passion to a murky brownish red when the love is motivated from selfish desires. The less a person is selfish in love the more the lighter red in color, or more pink in hue.



dull green 2


The aura becomes a dull green with jealousy.






If someone is focused in their intellect, they will exude yellow in their aura.

If their intentiYellowons are spiritual in nature, it will be a bright, brilliant color of yellow. If there are selfish intentions, it will be shades of dark orange.






Thoughts focused on uplifting, good intentions without selfish ambition exude hueBlues of blue. The more pure in intention and deed, the more lighter the hue of blue.

In those types of thought forms, the shape of the thought crystals take on a flower like geometric pattern in their auric field, exuding a calm, soft frequency out to all.





The more refined and purified in motive and the less selfishness in nature, the more clear and larger the aura as it reaches out to all, offering compassion and generosity to those in need who cross their path.

For this reason, it is so important to manage our thoughts so that we can enjoy better experiences and reality. We can do this through stringent discipline and daily practice of training the mind to think in new ways. For instance, the practice of completion clears the mental field of thoughts that haunt us and keep us form being authentic or from actualizing and manifesting our true potential.

One of the first places we can begin to transform the Emotional and Mental body is through reading and listening to spiritual scriptures.  Reading and listening to spiritual scriptures is like food for the Soul, creating healthier, more loving thoughts for one’s reality to build upon. Once you have tuned into spiritual teachings, then its time to transmute the patterns that are in the body, in the mind and the patterns left over from the heavy conditioning that we received when we were raised and developed into an adult.

Slowly, over time, the Emotional body becomes still, clear and quiet with no color, allowing room for Spirit to express itself in grace.

meditation in temple



written by kashi rachel stone 2016