The Channel of Perfection ~ 18/58

perfect as you are

There is a Channel that is driven to perfection so much so that it can often hurt others and sometimes hurt itself even more. In this drive to perfection, there is a constant spirit of criticism that rides on the back of the mind evaluating and judging each person that it encounters and each body of work that is presented and each move it makes. This Channel is the Judgement Channel, 18/58. I lovingly refer to it as the Channel of Perfection because perfection is its greatest lesson.

The one thing that is obviously consistent with this whole channel defined is the challenge that they experience with relationships. The Channel of Perfection takes over all areas of their life and dominates most of their interaction.

I watch those with the Judgment Channel use it excessively on others and I have watched some turn the judgment inward on themselves. That is very sad to see because they are so hard on themselves, seeing the darkness and feeling great oppression just from their own mind and its tendency to judge its Self and strive towards perfection.

I have a Generator friend who has the 18/58 and has a tendency to go into self-annihilation and dive into dark moments of self-doubt and low self worth.

I look at him and say, “Dude, stop being so hard on your self. Lighten up. You’re fine and nothing is that bad. For heavens sake!”

He gets a glimpse of reality and snaps out of the funk for a moment and smiles. He is actually a very funny dude. If he was busy doing something productive with this Channel’s influence in his chemistry, he would feel so much better. He is not active enough nor involved doing what he loves the most.

I think a great example of how this Judgment Channel operates at one of its extreme potentials is the way that I observe my female, emotional Projector friend manage her home. I watch her keep her own rhythm and pattern, daily, for maintaining her life. Everything is in perfect order from the cupboard to the way the food is arranged in the refrigerator to way the beds are made and towels hung for the holidays. I have never witnessed anyone so focused on his or her environment and in bringing such perfect order. If there are crumbs on the floor, it is swept immediately. She truly is the epitome of perfection in all that she does.

Her pet bird must have his morning coffee at 7:30 dawn, his fruit and veggie at 10:30, cheese and vitamins at 2:30, evening tea at 5:30, sharp, everyday. That is the perfection of the Judgment Channel. She knows that if they deter from the pattern that she has created for a smooth day at home with the bird, that there will be tumultuous times ahead. But if they stick to this pattern, the day goes smooth. She has perfected their daily routine for peace in the house.

She is also a magnificent Chef and baker. I have watched her take recipes and just know that the formula is not going to be as perfect as it could be. She plays with the recipe, perfects it and finds the exact combination.

I watch her in perfection mode when she makes her homemade body lotions. They have to have a smooth finish or they are no good. One tiny little bead in the finish of the lotion and the jar goes to the back for recycling. She does Channel 18-58not put them out for sale. The cream must be completely smooth and silky to perfection if the jar is going to be out for sale. That is the Judgment channel in perfect operation in its work.

That is exactly what the Judgment Channel was created for, perfection in work.


This is the tricky part of the Judgment Channel, understanding that it is to be used in work and only work and that there really is never perfection.

This highly critical chemistry is to be used in helping others with their projects and in work endeavors but not for the personal life and personal relationships. Somehow, this chemistry has to learn how to separate critical, judgmental thinking from relating with friends and loved one’s. It’s a challenge.

The tendency of the 18/58 being is to tell others what they can do to be a better person or how someone can improve something. But they are definitely not interested in hearing what the other has to say. Forget it, they are not interested, they don’t want to hear it and they don’t think there is anything wrong with them. It is weird to watch. I can see clearly that they have a few things they could fix and that they are suffering in some way from it. But they aren’t interested in hearing about it at all.

I see so many people with this whole channel use it in relationships and watch them beat down their partners, their children and their friends. It is just too much. I can see how it sneaks into the interaction in a very unconscious, habitual way. The one who has this definition gets very used to correcting, perfecting, organizing and looking for quick solutions in everything it touches. And then wonder why they have such a hard time with their relationships, family or romantic.

The positive side to this activation is the quality of joy that is inherent in its chemistry. Through the experimentation of patterns in the 18/58 life, they gain a beautiful, joyous sense of being with what is consistent and proven to be worthy, providing a sense of security for the whole. It is not motivated by a romantic sensation, rather by a caring, nurturing quality that wants to ensure a good future for everyone. I watch them rejoice in consistent patterns that they can rely on that provides security for the group or household. It almost becomes a celebration. Joy can emanate from their environment and all that they do when the patterns are all consistent and predictable, in perfection, just the way they like it.

If you have this channel in your chemistry, try to see how you are using this skill and where it might be creating challenges in relating with others.

My Projector friend who has this whole channel defined has a tendency to constantly correct everything I do. I have gotten to the point where I don’t tell her too much about what I am doing. Then I wont have to listen to how everything I am doing is wrong and how I can do it better. I don’t stay and visit for long nor do I share too much. This is what can happen with this Channel’s influence if you are not aware: drive people away or make them censor what they tell you.

The second key in managing this activation is understanding the tendency to move towards perfection, which never really comes. The process of perfection is just that, it is a process. There never really is absolute perfection.

There is always constant change. And within that constant change are patterns that prove to be successful and necessary to sustain life. This is the gift of the Judgment channel, to see the patterns that work and see what needs to be improved or corrected so that the pattern works more efficiently getting to perfection.

That is a great skill to have in the workplace.



2014 Written by Kashi Rachel Stone

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