The Channel of No Compassion ~19/49


In the journey of discovering the mechanics, the gods have their own funny way of teaching the science. The gods show us definition, one by one, in batches and doses as we cycle around the clock of time on the physical plane.

After the first seven years of managing the Centers and getting deeply acquainted with one’s own Inner Authority, one begins to learn about the Channels and what it means to move around the wheel. A whole new educational process naturally evolves in the second set of seven years in the process of learning the mechanics and the onset of a de-conditioning process.

We get an education on the mechanics often without realizing it. If you looked at everyone’s chart who has crossed your path, you would soon find that there is a pattern that you are traveling through in the mechanics, learning as you go.

Recently, the Channel of No Compassion came into my reality.

Suddenly, people who were hardheaded, self absorbed and concerned only for their needs, were in my life. When I spoke with them, it was as if they had highly selective hearing and selective attention as to how and when they would listen to me or acknowledge my presence.

I had to investigate and find what was the common factor in these people who were surrounding me and behaving very similar in nature. After all, I didn’t want to take it personal.

Looking at each person’s chart, I soon discovered that each of these people had one particular Channel defined in common. Not just one of the gates but the whole Channel defined.

It all began when I started working for a small farm as the chef.

I had told the headmaster that the only way that I would be the chef on their farm is if I was in control of buying the food, preparing the type of food that I like to serve and an adequate budget to do my magic in the kitchen. He said, “no problem” with a smile and eager to take me to the market. So I took the job, thrilled to begin and do my thing.

For a few weeks everything went really well. I was baking the organic food that I like to Veggiesbake and I was getting lots of organic vegetables to nourish our tribe. The chickens began to lay ten times the amount of eggs they were laying before I had arrived and I increased our neighborhood price for the eggs from five to seven dollars with brand new packaging. We were enjoying great abundance.

After a few weeks of this upward soar in quality of living, suddenly, I was no longer allowed to go to the grocery store anymore. The headmaster decided that he would do the grocery shopping and that he would select and choose the food that we would be eating. He felt that he could do a much better job at buying the food and saving money, a true characteristic of this channel.

From that point forward, the kitchen headed a very different direction. Heavily processed foods, cheeses, chocolate, ice cream, frozen cheesecakes, sloppy joe mix and other similar types of food started filling the cupboards after his trip from the store.

When he came home from his third trip to the grocery store I started to cry as I unpacked the grocery bags.

I couldn’t take it anymore. The headmaster watched me as I trembled emptying the bags of food onto the table with tears streaming down my cheeks.

“Look at all the vegetables I got for us”, he said with a smile and a cheery tone. His head was slightly tilted to the left like sweet little puppy dog.

OnionsIt didn’t matter that we had the exact same vegetables as last week still sitting in the fridge. We now had a pile of onions in the back of the fridge that would last us over a month.

He was so proud of himself.



He tore open the box of pre-made chocolate cheesecake and cut a big slice and placed it on a plate.cake.2

“Hmmmm. I love this cake”, he said with a big smile and plate full of sugar, calories and coloring agents as he walked into the other room to sit and watch TV.

He hadn’t had lunch nor had he had breakfast. His food for the day was cake. No wonder he had a pouch on his belly and was several pounds overweight. All he liked to eat was cake, it seemed.



This was becoming a real problem for me. I soon had to give notice that I would be leaving. It was pretty obvious that the situation was not going to improve and it is impossible for me to serve poison to people. (Food coloring, preservatives and GMO)

The headmaster could see that I was not happy but he was not sure why. He couldn’t understand why I would get so upset about the things that he would bring home from the store. And he couldn’t understand why it would make me cry when he bought conventional food and not organic. He really didn’t care that this all upset me greatly. He didn’t have a clue. He was too busy eating cake.


Woman on Phone

After that fiasco, I went to visit a friend who has a teenage son. They needed my help with cooking and caring for their son for a month. The mother was exhausted and she needed a bit of a break.


“Sure”, I said, “”I love your son, this will be a piece of cake”. They are like family to me; I love them dearly. I saw no problem in spending a month helping out.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work.

Soon, I discovered that I landed in the lap of this same channel again with her son.

Oh my.

We agreed that he could work for me, helping me in the garden and be paid a nice hourly wage for hard work done. He had three motors, so I mentally reasoned that he would make a good worker. Boy was I in for a surprise! The boy had no interest in getting involved in the work. He had many other more important things to do.It was difficult to get things done.

A month later after I finished my visit with my friend and her son, I landed in a new work arrangement with a new project, administrating the affairs of the office.

This time, I started working with a guy who was a bit overbearing, slightly arrogant, not interested in hearing what others had to say and very determined to have his way. He acted very much like an overgrown, spoiled child.

I knew something was funny with him but I was not sure what it was. After a month, I had to ask him for his data so that I could look at his chart.

Upon seeing his bodygraph, I called out, “Ohhhh, the Channel of No Compassion”, I said No Compassionupon first glance. It was one of those classic open Throat Center moments when I blurt out the truth of what I am seeing.

He didn’t like the comment that I made and he was slightly offended. His close friends refer to him as “saint” so my comment was rather shocking from how he perceived himself.

Things started to get more intense and uncomfortable with us after that comment.

I could see why our interaction was odd and jerky getting to know each other. We were having a difficult time and that forced me into leaving the company, eventually.

In deeper investigation it became apparent that each of these people who had this whole channel defined were dealing with a type of arrogance in their chemistry. Their ego was strong and unaware of its impact. It was difficult for them to see how others were suffering as they moved according to their own whim.

People with this Channel do not have bad intentions. Please do not misunderstand me. They are very, loving people too and once again, there are exceptions to every rule (or generalization). This title that I give this channel is only tongue-in-cheek and for play. But it helps me to understand how this definition is going to interact with me based on my experiences and it shows me how to assist those with this definition in getting better experiences.

Whenever a Channel of Synthesis, 19/49 asks me what can they do about their impact, I tell them to ask others, “What can I do for you?” instead of looking for ways to take and help themselves without regard of their impact.

It makes it a much easier ride for them when they practice a tiny bit of compassion, gratitude and generosity with others as it softens the arrogance that can come out of this definition.

Boy and Grandma in walking







Written by Kashi Stone 2016

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