The Art of Not Proving

When one starts to become aware of subtle energy, it begins with the Solar Plexus chakra. Easily, from the stomach region, one can watch a proving match begin, escalate and try to dominate, all in one sitting.

Sometimes, the proving is so grand, it becomes a marathon discussion of what has been accomplished, what has been gained, what has been done and what has been achieved all in one breath. There can be an endless trail of great feats, one after another, from the one who desires to prove and feel worthy, an ego over-blown and striving for attention.

It’s amazing how subtle this human expression portrays itself, underneath the layers of personality. It hides behind the open throat interruptions, the impatient MG, the open Root center or the busy mind filled with endless streams of thought.

One will find that if they empty their head of chatter, slow down and just observe and witness life’s events, almost everyone is proving in some way. It’s rather sad that so many feel unease or lack of satisfaction.

You can feel the tightness in the gut, the emotional Solar Plexus, the lower mind as you interact. There are those who need something, feel a sense of anger or another type of emotion, restless and unfulfilled, longing for significance, all felt in the middle of the gut. If the interaction is overblown as it happens often, one will find stomach disorders like ulcers, stomach cancer, pancreas problems and digestion challenges.

Proving one’s worth stems from the Solar Plexus, the seat of the Ego that is desperately vying for significance in life existence and it will engage in control battles, if it must. This desperation plays out in ways that we see the Ego, Heart, Will center as written in Human Design. The Ego center displays a constant state of proving, but it happens in both the defined and undefined center. Many people carry a low self-esteem from the struggle to overcome pressure in their chemistry. If more people understood how they operate as a human and where they are experiencing the pressure that pushes them, they would have much less struggle in life. This is why I love Human Design, as it lays out the map to how a human operates on the material plane and assists in erasing a great deal of confusion for many.

Proving is an underlying disease of the lower mind that eats away like a cancerous sore. Slowly, it derides one’s ability to live according to one’s own frequency and state of calmness where true power resides. Proving has an annoying vibe, an overwhelming unfriendly pushiness and an imposing nature that is abhorrent and rude. Proving is a drag.

What if we were okay to do what we do well, now?
(with no need to prove?)

Meaning, most of us are born with natural skills. If parents practiced looking at their child’s chart for clues and indications about strengths and skills, then practical effort and time could be applied for developing what one loves to do, gaining a natural self-confidence. A writer, a speaker, a leader, a teacher; It is all written and described in the pattern of the stars. No need to further pretend that we do not know, especially with the Human Design science available to assist in translating how a human operates on the material plane. It is brilliant. A further astrological investigation explains details in greater measure.

If one knows who one is, there is no need to prove, only to be. That is sweet.

And if one is being the best one that one can be, the right people show up, the best opportunities present themselves and confusion really doesn’t exist in the mix. Nor does competition take place nor comparison when there is no reason for it. If we are not comparing then we are not competing. If we are not competing, we are not proving.

One is very busy doing what they love, focused and enjoying good company.

Hopefully, there is laughter, too.








Written by Ama Kashi Satya Ananda Ma, 2018 February