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Feung shai spell

feng shui |ˈfə ng ˈ sh wē; – sh wā|
(in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.


The open G Center gets a lucky card in this life. Most open G’s don’t know it though. Many open G Centers are busy entertaining the mind and allowing it to run wild and repeat those annoying lines of chatter, “Who am I? Where am I going?, What am I suppose to do in this lifetime?, Where is love?” and so on.

If the open G drops all the mental chatter that ensues with this open Center, one finds a golden nugget just waiting to be discovered. This golden nugget is an inner compass for arranging and placing things in such a way so that life can flow with favorable effects.

Anyone who has an open G Center can tell you what it is like to change character like a chameleon, taking on the personality traits of those around you.

They can also tell you about how it feels to move from one place to another and never really feeling like they have landed in the right place or “home” for long. They can also tell you about how it feels to fall in love and then question whether or not the person that they have chosen as a partner is really “the one”.

Feung shai 3And they can tell you what it feels like to never really know who you are, what you are here to do in this lifetime and the mental tapes that continue with the discontent of not knowing and constantly moving through space and time. All open G center people can relate to these things.


When you are tuned into your open G Center, you have a heightened sensitivity to environments and the people in them. You can see when you feel good when you walk into a new environment and you know if you are going to enjoy it.

You can also feel if there is a sinking feeling upon entering an environment that causes you to wonder if you should even be there. And then there is the sensation of someone new entering the environment and changing the frequency dramatically or the passing of time that changes a person’s chemistry. You are either going to be comfortable or uncomfortable.

In that awareness you learn to feng shui your life.Feung on the Door



Feng shui is the art of placement. The G Center is also about direction and placement.




Back in the early nineties, there was a new age bookstore that I would visit often. When I would walk in the door the owner would say to me, “You are natural at Feng Shui!” I would look at him a little confused, I would smile and then walk on by. There was nothing about Feng Shui that interested me, nor pulled me in to practice it. I had no interest.

But the owner of the store was also a psychic reader and I think what he was seeing was my open G Center and its natural sensitivity to placement, environment and the people in it.

I could relate to his comment about my natural talent with Feng Shui in a distant way. All my life I have been arranging and rearranging furniture from my bedroom, living room and kitchen. I can get on a roll and rearrange the entire house every month. I love arranging space for energy to move.

Sometimes, while visiting friends I can’t help but offer to rearrange the furniture as I sit there cringing with the placement of things in the house. I get very distracted by things being in a place that feels strange and out of place to me.


Feng Shui with an open G

Feung Shai Medium


Using the art of Feng Shui causes me to have very strong boundaries regarding whom I choose to spend time with. It also brings a sense of when it is the right time to move to another place or to stay and observe.

It can be difficult to wait for the correct moment but it is so worth it.


Life is about movement.

When we stop moving, we get very comfortable and limit our experiences, our expansion and opportunities. We stop growing. This is another place where the open G Center is lucky and has a great gift. The open G Center will not allow one to become stuck or stagnant. The mind will do all that it can to keep one in a relationship and incorrect situations, but a healthy G Center wont allow it.

This is where the art of Feng Shui is important and crucial.Feung Shai Spiritual Soulmates 2

When we arrange our life so that there is effortless movement, embracing the unknown and trusting what comes next, then we taste the sweet elixir of being properly Feng Shui-ed.

Choosing to place our body in the correct environments that surround us with the right people doing the correct thing is beautiful Feng Shui,  ~ a special arrangement and orientation that allows energy to flow and provide favorable effects.

This is the gift of the open G Center that is quiet, trusting, sensitive and receptive to the movement of life, as environments change and people change.

Life is about movement.



written by Kashi Stone 2013

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