That First Kiss

I had a perplexing, interesting encounter recently.

Somebody was able to get my attention for a few minutes one evening.

I was invited to a dinner party at a friends house. The evening’s flow brought me into conversation with one man in particular. We shared some things in common and had easy conversation. The evening eventually led us into place where we were left sitting alone in a quiet, comfortable chill environment. The friends who had been sitting with us suddenly left the cave-like environment and the two of us alone, together.

As our conversation become more intimate and deeper, so did his attraction for me. I was enjoying the entertainment of conversation with someone who was interesting, exciting, funny and intelligent. He was growing in his passion to connect with me romantically and it was becoming very obvious.

Suddenly and to my surprise, he asked me for a kiss, which made me laugh. I had not been kissed in a long time and it seemed really funny to me, just the thought of it. He was so persistent and relentless; it was very cute and flattering. He asked for one small kiss and after so much persistence, I conceded and gave him a peck on the lips.

He didn’t like the peck; it was not enough. He persisted some more, pleading and begging for a real kiss. I was amazed and shocked for I had not been in a passionate exchange like this before. It was very cute. He also seemed so fast to me, way too fast.

During his insistent pressure to kiss, I suddenly saw a man’s face that I am attracted to in the man’s face sitting in front of me, which added another bizarre twist to the moment. I lunged forward and gave him a quick, passionate kiss to shut him up and to be over with it. I must admit I was curious as to how I would feel about the kiss itself and how my body would react. It was an odd moment of conscious action, indeed.

Unfortunately, I could not handle the way this boy smelled. It was very unpleasant to me, so the kiss was short and only just one.


During our encounter I had to check his chart. Why was he so persistent and so fast? Why did he want to kiss me so? I ran his data through my MMI in my Iphone and saw that he was a Splenic Projector, very different from me, who is an Emotional Generator. Ah, ok, that is why he was so fast.

I felt this mans presence in my aura for a couple of days following that kiss. I could tell through the exchange of that one short kiss that there was a merging of our auras and that a small part of him was with me, including the memory of the smell. Slowly, it dissipated and I started to feel myself again in about two to three days later.

This experience showed me a few things: how passionate the intensity of a Projectors feelings can be when they are focused and attracted and how just one kiss can impact an aura, deeply.


His Chart                                                         My Chart
Splenic Projector                                           Emotional Generator


He is fast and Splenic in the moment, so of course, he wants to kiss NOW!

Our 31/7 connection filled in the G Center as he recognizes me, I recognize him and we fall in love. He told me many times throughout the evening what a wonderful, powerful couple we would make socially; how we would impact the crowds and what we could eventually become. This was the Alpha Channel, the 7 and 31, Bill and Hillary Clinton activated as an electromagnetic between the Throat Center and G Center. So funny how the chemistry gets spoken. I can usually guess a persons chart by what they tell me.

I know where the story is going to go and I’m really not motivated to go there. So, I gently push my friend back, stand up and walk towards the kitchen to pack my basket from dinner and say good night to my friends.

It’s all in that first kiss.


Written By
Kashi Stone
August 2013