Taking Time Out For You


time alone

Almost everyone that I start to work with is at some kind of a turning point when they call me and schedule their session. It’s a great place to be because so often we are caught in the results of a bad decision and it is going to be difficult to get out of it.

When we are at that point of confusion, bewilderment, brokenness and chaos; when we feel the winds of time blow us out of one place and towards another direction. We have a chance to start something new and that is a fantastic opportunity. But it can be very scary.

Cycles end and cycles begin, we are in the void when a shift has happened in our reality and a doorway opens to a new direction. New connections and most importantly an opportunity to make the right decision so that you are in the right place with the right people, doing the thing that makes you happy, content and peaceful.

I’m in that place myself right now. I have the Open G Center and with that openness comes the frequency of relying on others to show me where I am to go and whom I am to be with. The guidance is subtle though and spontaneous. It is not contrived or someone else’s agenda. The guidance that I receive from others happens out of the blue naturally and I know it is correct for me when I feel a flutter in my open G Center.

If my head is quiet, I can actually ‘hear’ what my Open G Center is saying to me. I love how it feels when the G center talks to me and shows me what is correct and what is not. I can feel it in conversation, in writing to another in communication, thoughts I am entertaining and
when I am in the process of making a decision. It will flutter with sweetness when I tune into the correct thing for me.

Each time my G Center has guided me and spoke to me, it was so different than what my mind was constructing, devising and planning for me. That was the most surprising thing of all: to see the contrast between mind and body in that moment.

When I actually slow down, I mean really slow down into the moment, life operates in a completely different way. It’s in that stillness that I know who I am and what I am becoming and can hear my G Center, Monopole and its navigation.

The greatest challenge for most design types is being patient. The easiest way to get to patience is to take control of your mind. One of the quickest ways to get a hold of your mind is by watching your open Centers in your bodygraph. Right there, in the open Center, is your mind. And that is what I am observing in everyone around me and in me.

I would love to experience the aura of someone who is living their true chemistry.

It is amazing how loud Open Ego Centers speak to me with their insecurity and the ways that they feel they have to prove themselves to feel ok in my presence. People are so conditioned to automatically compete to feel ok.

Sometimes, I can hardly breathe when I am in the presence of someone who’s open Ego is proving itself. I have to take a deep breath and breathe out from the tummy to release the pressure that it is causing. If you see me doing this, that is why. I cant breath and I am trying to get some relief.

The open Throat Centers talk too much and leave a bit of an awkward feeling and the sense that perhaps I may have ADD. No, I don’t have ADD, they have an open Throat Center or way too many activations on a defined Throat.

I cant hold my attention fixed on one person for such a long period of time while they tell me everything they think I want or need to know or hear. This is where I start looking for way to leave the room and off to be by myself for a moment. If you see me doing this it is because my head is about to explode trying to hold all of their minds content and my own.

The Open Spleen entertains so much fear. I feel so sorry for the Open Spleens! If they knew how to let go and allow it to flow through, there would be some relief. The undefined Spleen is picking up fear and amplifying it back. It can run in a vicious circle in the way it moves through our auras, from one and then into the other. Fear is really kind of sneaky as it creeps in and tries to take control of a person’s life.

The Open Root Center exhausts me with its pressure to keep doing things and its desperate need to “get things over with”. I can’t keep up with the unnatural demand that open Root people place on themselves and me. I am watching open Root Centers suffer from blown adrenal glands, taking prescription drugs to address anxiety and cancer of the prostate.

It’s very serious when we don’t pay attention to what the body is telling us; If we don’t listen, well then, we get sick, that is the only way most of us can wake up to what our soul is trying to tell us.

If you really want to know who you are, you have no choice but to take time out and truly relax into you so that you can feel you.

You are going to get a powerful transformation in letting go, surrendering and allowing. You have to let go of the comforts and old ideas to get to the new, the transformed and the sublime.

Step into the void of not knowing, not planning and not expecting, all with a quiet mind and watch where life takes you. I dare you!

Kashi Stone 2014