Striving For Integrity


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I walked into the coffee shop one morning and my friend behind the counter greets me with, “I figured it out Kashi, it’s all about integrity”.

“I agree, I have been noticing it myself”, I respond, delighted to hear that someone was on the same page as me. He is a Reflector too. I am always curious about how they are viewing and experiencing the program.

This quality of integrity that is brewing on a mass level is causing us to become more authentic in our exchanges with no bullshit, no pretense, no lies or manipulation. There are also no control trips, there is no drama and there is no blame or dumping. Our nine-centered being is acutely aware of what is not true, what is not authentic or real and it hears bullshit loud and clear. When the vehicle is tuned and clear, all of that mentioned above becomes like a “clank and bang’. It’s very uncomfortable and unattractive.

If there is a lack of integrity, it ripples out far and wide, leaving an impact on our reality and our future.

Fears often reveal our lack of integrity. It is useful to look at fears that creep up and see where one is slightly out of alignment with truth and integrity.

Fear can take all forms and definitions, depending on chemistry and life experience. But you can take this sense of fear that rises up inside of you and use it to see where the lack of integrity may be, where the misalignment could happen and address it.

It is useful to look at the places where fear resides in the chemistry of the body to gain better understanding of how fear impacts integrity. Here, we look at the Emotional Center, the Spleen and the Ajna.

Whether you are open or defined in these areas, you are easily prone to the fears that come from each of these places, depending on your definition and what is conditioning you in your environment.

When we take each Center into consideration on a general level, it looks like this:

The Emotional Center is a lesson of authenticity and truth. This Center relates to how honest we are with others, how real we express how we feel and how clear we are in what we want, say and do.

The Spleen Center relates to how safe we feel within our own being. We stay in those situations that are unhealthy for us out of fear of being alone, fear for our survival, fear of being inadequate or fear of not being accepted and loved. It takes us out of integrity, terribly.

The Ajna brings a fear when it doesn’t know and so desperately needs to know. The Ajna, open or defined, angst at “what will happen?”, “Why is this happening?”, “Where is that?”, and “What is this?”. If we are busy entertaining so many mental tapes, we will never be in our integrity.

Each of these Centers and their fears boil down to one thing indicating where the lack of integrity may be and what it looks like:

The Emotional Center fear is lack of honesty in how one is feeling

The Spleen Center fear is lack of trust in one’s Self and in life to provide

The Ajna Center fear is lack of being present and trusting life

Are you being truthful in your interaction?

Or are you hiding behind a story?

Are you confident enough in your own life to live it?

Can you be present and enjoy what is here and now?

Can you allow life to come to you?

I like the definition of Integrity in the New Oxford Dictionary:

integrity |inˈtegritē|
1 the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness : he is known to be a man of integrity.
2 the state of being whole and undivided : upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty.
• the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction : the structural integrity of the novel.
• internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data : [as adj. ] integrity checking.

This is my favorite part, Number 2: “the state of being whole and undivided”, “the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction”. Even more cool is that it is an “internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data”.


It makes a big difference if we pay attention to how we are truly communicating and sharing. The more we dial it in, closer to how we really feel and think, closer to how our body is speaking to us on a deep level, the greater our integrity.

Stepping into the integrity of our chemistry is a tad bit like stage fright. The mind doesn’t know our true state of integrity and it feels incredibly foreign. Once we have begun practicing being authentic for a period of time, maybe a few days, it no longer intimidates us. It actually feels incredibly good to be so honest.

Try practicing recognizing in your own speech and what your intentions are as you learn to call things by their true names. By observing your own words as you speak and the root of your motivations, you gain a greater sense of discrimination with integrity.

Through this practice, reality is seen as it is and the true Self is known.

Watch each word that you use, how it impacts and how choosing your words carefully and truthfully, creates a different reality and response. A thoughtful pause before speaking allows for greater truth to be spoken in moments of sharing.

Striving for integrity makes our body feel better. It’s healthier, it’s uplifting, and it eases our journey through life.



Kashi Stone 2015