Not-Self behaviour of the Spleen holds onto what is not good for one’s own well-being.

Through the Spleen Center, we manage our health and vitality, learn to build healthy boundaries and face our fears to overcome

Defined: 53%  Undefined: 47%

The Spleen Center is responsible for how our immune system functions and our well-being in the world. This is the center of instinct, intuition, and taste, which allows one to process what is healthy for survival or not.

The Splenic system is the body consciousness. It can only operate in the moment as instinct or intuition or a hunch.

As an awareness center, it is awareness that begins with fear and the intelligence to be afraid. These fears are not bad for they are the things that drive us, keep us alert and are a mechanism for intelligent awareness.

Fears become magnified in the Spleen center and need to be addressed one by one so that a person may become fearless in a healthy way. The Not-self will become lost and overwhelmed in these fears.


Often, the Undefined Spleen being enters the world filled with an intense fear that they cannot survive here. Being near a defined Spleen they feel better and safer with the conditioning of the other Spleen. This can create unhealthy dependencies on others.

The Undefined Spleen can tell who is aware and who is not and the same with intuition. They will also have sensitivity with their health and their diet and can manage their well being through gentle health remedies and supplements.

Most importantly, an Undefined Spleen being should never be spontaneous. Responding in the moment with an open Spleen is one of the unhealthiest things to do.

The mind of an open Spleen being will cause it to believe that by being spontaneous that they can escape the fear. But there is a high price for this. An Undefined Spleen will be easily conditioned by a defined Spleen by being under pressure to be spontaneous, which is not always evident.

Many professional healers have an Undefined Spleen and when they step into the aura of another, there is a spontaneous recognition of the other. They can tell if a person is ill or healthy.

Two things are consistent about the open Spleen in a general sense. They usually will not feel well and they are full of fear. The Undefined Spleen being has a tender, vulnerable immune system but it does not mean that they are unhealthy. They just require a little extra care and consideration.

Many Undefined Spleens hold onto things that are not good for them. Children with an abusive parent will do everything they can to hold onto that parent if they have an Undefined Spleen and the parent has a Defined Spleen. Because of this early conditioning, the Undefined Spleen being will be inclined to move in the direction that is not good for them.

It terrifies the Undefined Spleen to be sent to their room alone. The child will feel like they cannot survive and feel rejected. It will cause them to want to be filled with a defined Spleen even more and then create a serious, unhealthy co-dependency.

An Undefined Spleen in a relationship with a Defined Spleen says, “It will be better tomorrow” with the fear of survival and the attachment to what is familiar and perceived as ‘safe’. The pull and attraction of a Defined Spleen can blind an Undefined Spleen to the knowledge of who is good for them and who is not, or when to let go or hold on. They can also be extremely fearless and do things that are not healthy for them.

It is important that an Undefined Spleen honors the various fears that come up and learn to confront each one by going through it until they are less and less frightened and the fear is gone. Each fear they master makes them stronger and finally reach a point where they are fearless in a healthy way. But they must honor the fear and not suppress it.

A Healthy Undefined Spleen can sense the difference between the lack of well-being in their environment and their own need for attention to their health. They can sense when someone is not good for them. They pay attention to their health and are healthy. It can also become wise about fear, intuition, taste and instinct.


If you have a Defined Spleen, you feel good most of the time and have the ability to feel good even when others around you don’t feel good. You have a strong intuition and it should be trusted.

The Spleen is the instinct that steps forward when there is danger. Accidents happen when people ignore their Spleen. You will often hear someone say, “I knew that was going to happen” and that is because their Spleen was talking to them.

Because the Spleen operates in the NOW, your brain can never ‘catch up’ or figure out why it did what it did when it has already moved onto the next NOW. For this reason, you cannot trust your mind to reason your instinct out of the guidance that the Spleen brings in the moment.

The defined Spleen being listens to their intuition and takes action based on it. They do not let their mind or anyone take them away from listening to their intuition.