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Introduction to Human Design water.soul.awake

In this session, you begin to understand your chemistry, how it moves and operates and what type of challenges you may be facing in your genetic makeup.

We uncover the fabulous talents and skills that you have, how you work best with others, how to find love and more. Together, we uncover and discover the essence of who you are.


Sessions with Kashi

Once I receive notification of payment from Paypal, I will email you to arrange a mutually convenient time for our session. It does not matter where you are located on the planet, I can work with your schedule. If you live outside of the US, we use Skype. All sessions are recorded. You will receive your recording by email with links to articles and video’s to support your process after our session. You are welcome to email me before making a payment if you have questions or would like further information. You can email me at: <> ________________________________________________________________________

LOVERS ANALYSIS:  Couple counseling is very helpful in gaining tools for harmony in a love relationship.Couple_In_Love_1208137

If you are in a partnership, marriage or a romance, you may want to consider having your partner schedule an analysis so that you are both on the same page and able to discuss as you experience with new awareness.

When someone is introduced to their genetic matrix, it changes them. Couplewalking__520763 This can be confusing to a lover or partner. Having one’s partner participate in this self-discovery process creates common ground and the ability to communicate and share in experiences, which naturally evolves into deeper intimacy.


In the Lovers Analysis, lovers learn how each other operates uniquely as each gain special bigstock_Young_Couple_In_Love_1823986tools for properly supporting one another. Lovers learn how to effectively cultivate ways to empower themselves and their lover, simultaneously. This leads into deep appreciation and respect as individuals. It is a great gift.

<> Compatibility Reading $150 / follows Introduction to Human Design Reading.


Human Design for ChildrenYounggirl

Children enter into a heavy conditioning field that requires healthy boundaries to navigate as they grow into young adults.

In one session a child is recognized for who they are, taught how their chemistry operates, naturally and learn what their inherent decision-making process is that protects them and brings the best experiences with the right people.


Learning these basic tools saves a child much grief and despair while growing up as they are faced with life’s challenges and the difficult personalities that present themselves.

For a child to be seen, affirmed and understood provides a calm, restorative place for their character to grow and fosters the empowerment that rapidly matures into a healthy alignment with one’s life purpose. Child flourishing


There is no greater gift for a child than to be recognized for who they are at their most natural state of being.



Child Empowerment sessions  $125.00. Contact: <> Session is conducted one half hour with child and remaining half hour with parent(s) and child. Session can be conducted on skype or in person.

Sessions with Kashi

__________________________________________________________________________ BIRTHDAY READING

This is probably the most important reading a person can receive. With the beginning of a new cycle comes a fresh, new slate to create and align with your highest purpose. bigstock_Portrait_Of_A_Cheerful_Woman_H_6263603

Discover your direction and theme for the year, your focus of work this year, how to improve your health and more


Birthday Reading     $200                           Contact: <>

Sessions with Kashi

____________________________________________________________________ Triple Goddess Moon Maturation Reading

In this reading, we conduct an overview of your life path as written in your cycles: Birth, Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition and Kiron / Chiron Return.

Within those cycles are key informational pieces on how you are moving through life. Each cycle has a theme, specific life lessons and reveals opportunities that can get easily missed. This reading is beneficial for gaining better understanding and validation of life experiences, direction, lessons, opportunities and what your Higher Self is working to develop during this lifetime.

Maturation Reading     $275                                  <>

Sessions with Kashi




$150.00 per hour

This session is offered to those who are seeking insight and understanding for life issues and who may be in crisis with their process.

Sessions with Kashi


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Most often, students gain a firm understanding intellectually of the mechanics, missing the deeper experience that is possible in learning this science. When working with me, you gain my psychic, intuitive sense and my thirty plus years of metaphyiscal, esoteric studies, fifteen years of Lunar Astrology combined with ten years of Human Design study. That provides a very different experience from the traditional, intellectual dispensation of the teachings, bringing the mechanics into view in a unique, experiential way.