Sessions with Kashi

Introduction to Your Chemistry 

With the enrollment of this session, you receive two sessions over a two to three-week period.

Your first session is an introduction to your chemistry and how you may be operating in the world. We review the tendencies that are innate to your personality for experiencing and directing your life emotionally. Then, we review your talents and skills and how they are being currently used. Once your chemistry has been analyzed and revealed, the way in which one perceives and moves through life can change dramatically, in a very positive direction.

The second session is a follow-up on how your new information impacts or changes the way you perceive or make decisions.  Next, we uncover your true life purpose as it is presented in the stars.

You receive three components:    Links to articles (1) for further investigation and research. (2) Volume I, Learning the Basic of Human Design pdf booklet and companion workbook for free from the Simply, Human Design collection. A personal, comprehensive booklet (3) with key points that define you and current or upcoming transits that impact the road ahead. Your personal booklet is sent in pdf format through email, following second, final session.

Recordings of readings provided upon request before session begins.


Simply, Experiential Human Design
Volume I and workbook    (a $29.99 value)
Free with session

Easy to understand instructional booklet for learning the basic information that is outlined on a Human Design Bodygraph chart. Learn to understand the difference between Types, emotional versus non-emotional, Profile, Incarnation Cross and more.

Through this study series, one develops their own operations manual as they gain personal empowerment through understanding of the mechanics.

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Sessions with Kashi


Once our office receives notification of payment from Paypal, we will email you to arrange a mutually convenient time for our session. It does not matter where you are located on the planet, we can work with your schedule for the appointment.  We use Skype, FaceTime or ZOOM.

Please state if you would like your session recorded. 

You are welcome to email our office before making a payment if you have questions or would like further information:

$325    Introduction to YOUR Chemistry and Design 


Hourly Mental Counseling Session



$200 per hour 


Sessions with Kashi





Children’s Reading


Children enter into a heavy conditioning field that requires healthy boundaries as they grow into young adults.

In one session, a child is recognized for who they are, taught how their chemistry operates, and learn what their inherent decision-making process is that protects them and brings the best experiences.  Learning these basic tools is an empowering process that brings a sense of self-confidence as they face life’s challenges.

Understanding the child’s life path gives great insight for parents on how to support the child and in what direction so that the child is enriched by their experiences and inspired to create. This session also sheds light on challenging behavior or difficulties between parent and child in relating and negotiating. Through understanding how each, the parents and the child are designed, greater understanding is brought into the relationship allowing for healing and a trusting relationship.

Child Empowerment sessions  $150.00

Session is conducted one half-hour with child and remaining half-hour with parent(s) and child.


Sessions with Kashi



“Both Kashi’s written content and how she does her sessions provide the clearest and most practical way of interpreting and applying Human Design System that I’ve ever encountered. I got a reading for my 10-year-old son to try and figure out some of the frustrating and dead-end patterns we get into in our relationship. She spoke to us at length and offered insights, feedback, and explanations of both conscious and subconscious motivators for our behavior. I know that it’s when we understand our patterns that change is easy, and with her suggestions of what to pay attention to, I’ve been able to make small shifts that are making all the difference. The accompanying written report is rich and detailed and I can tell will be good to go back to for many years. Both my son and I loved our time with Kashi, who is so genuine, integrated, and compassionate a person that she in herself is a huge recommendation for the efficacy of her work.”  ~Colleen Chen, California 

Life Path Discovery Sessions


Three-session process over one month with detailed transit report, overview of life cycles, two-year forecast, Personality Profile Description, pdf booklet with overview of discussions, recorded sessions in mp4 format for download and pdf booklets from Simply, Human Design Collection.


Combining ancient sciences with modern systems, a comprehensive view of your life story is uncovered and translated into a condensed, four-page pdf booklet. In this booklet, current life issues are highlighted with resolve and choices while the investigation of annual transits and planetary forces reveal the direction that life is taking you. Other astrological information reveals one’s life purpose and how you are designed to fulfill it’s calling.

Comprehensive Personal Overview of Your Life Path

Life is enjoyed simply with a little bit of knowledge and skill to manage the planets, transits and influences.

Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition and Kiron / Chiron Return

Within these three major cycles are key informational pieces on how one is moving through life. Each cycle has a theme, specific life lessons and reveals opportunities that can get easily missed. This reading is beneficial for gaining better understanding and validation of life experiences, direction, lessons, and opportunities and insights about one’s true life calling.

$550 / Three sessions over one month with homework, exercises and reflections.


Sessions with Kashi


Silent Healing Meditations with Kashi

~ More Testimonials ~

“Kashi’s work, for me, is best described as an Angelic Catalyst with Insight that rocked my world! When I learned about my ego/will/heart center, I was able to discern the critical links needed AND was given tools to apply this wisdom in real time. I am so deeply grateful for my time with Kashi“.
~ Maria Margaritis, Hawaii

Hi Kashi!
Thank you for the beautiful reading. I am still integrating & disseminating a lot of the information. ……Everything you put together is beautifully done, and written with such a clear, experienced & compassionate voice. It’s very well done; you should be quite proud of your work Love.  Thank you again so much for putting that together for me.
~ L.L. California

I am forever thankful for our meeting. It’s all I can think about. I see a light in my future and I haven’t felt that in some time. It was the exact guidance I needed, the sign I was looking for when I left home a year ago to find. After a full year of traveling and still so much sadness I still felt like such a lost soul. Having met you in my last weeks of traveling was the most incredible and important experience. I can’t thank you enough, Kashi.  

~ C.S. California

I loved working with Kashi and had a lot of fun! She is a beautiful presence, with a blissful and playful spirit and such a sweet voice! My report was so comprehensive, accurate and applicable to my life and current path. Eternal Gratitude & Bliss!
~ Devananda, RN, Hospital Administrator, evolving Life Coach

Kashi Stone is a gem. She’s the fairy queen of a world that seems to forget more often than not that magic exists and it’s necessary. Her natural connection with subtle energies provides her with an insightful wisdom. However, she’s also a resourceful woman, grounded and honest. It is uncommon to find someone ready to reveal you your blind spots, your darkest corners those that we manage to hide so well from our own sight. Her compassionate soul and brave heart infuses her readings. Clear, selfless and in service, if you’re looking for clues you can’t find you should reach her… Because you will get the truth, sweet or bitter, and you’ll be able to appreciate it comes from a place of love. That is what I got and I’m enormously grateful.
~ T.S.   Spain

Hello Kashi,
Just this morning, I had the chance to re-read the information and re-look at my report. 😳WOW. Having stepped back a bit now and interacting with all of the important people in my life again, I found the information so transformative. The booklet from a very base place of understanding HD. Sometimes it is very confusing to break down HD in an understandable form and you do it so well. After reading the booklet again I went back to my reading and was able to get so much more out of it. I was able to revisit some difficult relationships and decisions and feel much less anxiety and much more strength and positivity in going forward.  I really enjoy the way you present the information, with high intelligence, deep soul and much love.
Thank you so much!!
~  Leslie S. RN, Life Coach,Heart and Soul Seeker