Self Authority

For the SELF Authority it is a defined G Center without definition in the Sacral, Emotional, Will or Spleen Centers.

You are designed to operate here for pure self-satisfaction. You need to make decisions on what makes you happy. You must ask yourself, “Does this make me happy?”, “Will this give me satisfaction?”.

You also need to discuss your decisions with others so you can hear what you, yourself is saying about how satisfied you are with life. It is through discussing things that you hear yourself and know what the correct decision is.

The G Center is connected to the Throat Center in this type of Authority. You can look inward to the Self for clarity in decision-making and then use your voice to hear what your Self has to say.

You have to be clear though that you are not making a decision from your mind. You need to listen to what comes out of your mouth spontaneously because this is coming from the Self. It needs to be spontaneous verbal release, which is your identity speaking from the G Center.

You are here to give direction to others in life and can hear your own direction by listening to what is coming out of your mouth in the moment as you are talking and sharing with others.

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