“Same”, The New Sexy

Most couples are a combination of two extreme differences, meaning one partner is emotional and the other is non-emotional; or one partner is a Projector and one partner is a Manifesting Generator (MG), etc. These are extreme differences that can often create tremendous confusion, misunderstanding and unnecessary challenges in love-relating.

It is much easier when both people share the same open Centers and defined Centers. Even more helpful is if they are the same Type. There is also a natural understanding of each other if the couple shares the same Inner Authority. It can make life a little less complicated. Same Profile has a nice quality to it and sharing the same Channel feel’s good too.

When there is “sameness” in definition, it can feel like you are with your best friend. It is comfortable because one feels naturally understood and the conversations tend to be more enjoyable, as well. It makes it much easier to work and live together too. There tends to be less conversation trying to figure out what the person is trying to convey and less mental processing.

If a couple understands their differences and do not make demands on each other with their expectations or neediness, then two people can surf through any kind of differences.

This is why it is so important to understand the mechanics, particularly in a love relationship where two auras are merging. Understanding how each other is designed and operates reduces much confusion.


Often times, one is prompted, swayed, influenced and conditioned to respond to electromagnetics, which can feel like a “soulmate” connection. In the beginning of the relationship you hear things like, “I know we were together in a previous life”. Or you will hear, “You are exactly who I have been looking for all of these years”.

At least that is going to be how it feels for the first three weeks or six months. It depends on how compatible you are and how much time you spend alone, together.

With the influence of electromagnetic attraction, you can witness extreme passions in the bedroom to extreme disputes over the pettiest, little things. That is because the heat of the attraction of the electromagnetic sizzle and tickle is the glue that is holding the couple together with very little compatibility in chemistry. The sizzle and pop of the electromagnetic becomes like a drug and keeps lovers hooked in unpleasant situations. Lots of babies are made through these connections that are unplanned and inappropriate.



After the tickle of the electromagnetics have worn off a bit, a few weeks to a few months, then comes the intense education of the relationship. The Emotional body begins to think, “I thought this person was the one but I’m not so sure now” or “This person is not the same person that I met a few weeks ago. What have I gotten myself into?”

As the mind goes back and forth and up and down in the relationship, each of the people are getting an education. If the two are very different in chemistry, such as Type or Inner Authority, they are going to have a more challenging route of education.

The same thing can happen with an open Ajna and a defined Ajna. Each time the open Ajna shares their thoughts without invitation, the defined Ajna will tend to make the undefined Ajna feel slightly inferior as they look down on them. The undefined is speaking their mind, randomly, and slightly disjointed. It’s so obvious to the defined Ajna. They can also see that the undefined Ajna may lack depth of understanding on a subject as they randomly speak out about what they think they know. Keep in mind that Outer Authority is perfect when called upon or in good timing for defined or open Ajna.


And then, there is the open Throat Center. If the open Throat Center person talks too much, talks first or interrupts or tries to get attention, they become highly annoying to thedefined Throat partner. Even though there may be some “sexy” electros in the connectivity, the pressures from the differences bring some very un-sexy dynamics into the relationship.




Fear from the open Spleen will cause a couple to stay in a very unhealthy relationship. One person gives up their personal freedom and direction to be taken care of and provided for and to not be left alone. This creates a bond much like “until death do us part”. The Spleen is desperately fearful of being alone and will become addicted to the person who they feel is sustaining their life force and “reality”. Keep in mind that each person is unique and so is each situation. There are always exceptions and in varying degrees.


An open G Center person can become trapped in the wrong environment with the wrong person and adapt in order to be “loved” and included. They can lose their true identity quickly and become the “robot’ for fulfilling some sense of false harmony in the relationship. Adapting to love can make an Open G person very ill over time, trying to fit into the wrong environment and people.


The open Solar Plexus and the defined too, sometimes, can become addicted to sex and maintain certain connections and relationships in order to fulfill fantasies and delusions. These sexual connections can become like a drug for the mind of the Emotional Body, dominating the thought and decision-making process.

There is nothing wrong with being driven by sexual thoughts. Some people cannot help it, especially if they have the gate 36 off of the Solar Plexus Center or gate 59 off of the Sacral. Everyone is unique. You really have to look at one bodygraph at a time to see how the mind operates and what is driving a person and what their life lessons are.

When there are differences like this there is the tendency to become more “not-self”. There is pressure causing one to act out distorted, extreme behaviour. And each partner responds from an imbalanced, confused state caused by the merged auras. It can get messy and intense when we begin to mix chemistry, especially if we are unaware.

Most people are in these types of dynamics, unfortunately. But this is where we learn, where we grow and evolve.

This is why “same” is best. It is easy and not so challenging, seems to have a lesser quantity of problems, challenges and crisis. It’s just not as sexy or entertaining as “different”.

But when you become aware, that all changes

It’s no longer about attracting and mating or having great sex or the thrill of what is different. It becomes very obvious where that path leads.

Eventually, one finds that the environment and the situations that facilitate creativity, success and fulfillment are really what is “sexy”.

Love becomes a completely different quality of expression in that state of awareness.



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