Sacral Authority

Approximately 35% of the population on the planet have SACRAL AUTHORITY as their Inner Authority

Only Generators and Manifesting Generators have the SACRAL Center defined.


A Manifesting Generator will have the SACRAL Center defined with a motor connected to the throat.

In this bodygraph the Sacral is connected to the Throat Center through the channel 34/20. There are four possible motors: The Solar Plexus Center, the Heart Center, the Sacral Center and the Root Center.

The SACRAL voice can be described as a response which reflects an energy sensation or sound made when moving toward or away form involvement in an activity or a process.

A Generator or Manifesting Generator can easily hear their SACRAL voice by the immediate sound that comes out of their body when asked a question. If you hear “mmmm” and not an affirmative “unh hu”, that is an indication of ‘not yet’, ‘maybe’ or soon to be ‘no’. Either way, it is a hesitation and that is an important sign not to do anything, yet.

The SACRAL sound, ‘ahunh’, ‘uh hu’, ‘mmm’, etc that takes place in the moment is what we listen to. This natural sound coming from the gut response is without hesitation. If there is a hesitation then it is the mind that is stepping in.

Once a pure Generator responds with their SACRAL Authority to engage in activity, they go through a step-by-step process of development. During this development, they will hit plateaus of productivity and then have feelings of being ‘stuck’ since their motors do not connect to the Throat Center. Their purpose in life is to do the work that they love. If they have chosen to do the things they love then they will have all the energy to continue without quitting the endeavor. But most Generators enter into things with their mind and end up eventually quitting because they are frustrated and don’t have the energy to continue.

For Manifesting Generators, it is efficiency in doing what they love. They are not designed to go through a step-by-step process like the Generator. What challenges Manifesting Generators is their struggle with learning to be patient and not jump on things. The lesson here is to slow down and see the necessary steps to accomplish a task and taking time to meet the needs of the steps required.

The Manifesting Generators often tries to initiate and does not wait patiently for right timing. When they do initiate prematurely, they meet resistance and feel propelled to smash through it again and again. This constant pushing leads to a damaged body and eventually, ill health.

As a Type who possesses both Generator and Manifestor, the Manifesting Generator will experience both anger and frustration as their ‘not self’ themes because of their inability to wait and be patient. The manifesting capacity has been running their lives since the beginning creating all sorts of problems.

Generators and Manifesting Generators power is through response with their enormous wealth of energy. They are the energy of life itself. With the enveloping aura, they pull everyone into their sphere. When a Generator is in waiting, it is like a magnet. Life happens to them if they wait for the opportunity for perfection.


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