Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Part I


Boat on river of life

Imagine all of the Types, the various definitions that make up the different Inner Authorities; we are in our boats on the water, near the shore getting ready to sail down the stream of life.

The Splenic Inner Authorities are at the head of the group on the water because they have to be able to jump and move fast in the moment. They also have these nifty, streamlined, “designed to be fast” speedboats. So, we let those guys go first and have their way as Spleen boat.athey blast down the stream ahead of us. They do stop to take an occasional nap because most of them are Projectors that have no motors. They can burn out quickly if they don’t take a short nap or two throughout the day.

Right behind the Splenic boats are the Sacral Inner Authority beings with their boats. These guys have a variety of styles of boats. Some boats have fast engines, some have heavy-duty, powerful, engines and some have high quality performance engines. This group requires lots of room for the various ways they move down stream. Those that have strong, light engines are learning to be patient as they navigate down stream and those who have heavy engines are learning to discern between what is correct and what is not. Those who have a high quality engine are reading the owners manual and making adjustments as their boats travel down stream. Often, their greatest problem is forgetting to take care of important things like getting more gas or putting some oil in the engine when it gets low. They also get very distracted being busy doing things that have really nothing to do with them. Most of them are very, very impatient. This can be a problem when the river of life is flowing, not rushing or trying to get anywhere really fast.

Next, the Self Projected Projectors, they have their own lane at the side of the river for their Boat.4boats. They watch everything going on, passing by at a moderate speed in the water. They tell us how they see the show, if they can see it. It depends on how well they know their boat and how to navigate it down the stream. They are pretty cool to have around, regardless. They are usually very unique beings.

Hovering above the Self Projected Projectors are the Reflectors floating on magic carpets. They don’t use boats in the water; they use magic carpets in the air. It appears that they are moving slower than the others but they are not. They are just hovering above it all, Reflector on a carpetwatching everyone busy with the projects, laughing at the Projectors stumbling through their process of guiding and shaking their heads at the Generators wasting lots of energy. They don’t know what to think about the Manifestors. As they hover just above, watching all the mayhem below, they often wonder, “Isn’t there anything surprising and interesting out there happening? (Yawn)”.

Then, we have the Emotional Inner Authority people and their boats. These guys definitely have to stay in the back of the group. They move really, really slow. The dilemma is that most of them don’t know that they are permanently in the slow lane as they try to be fast, in the moment and spontaneous. In the Boats. emotrear of the parade of boats we tend to have accidents and boats that get stuck in the mud. Often, you will find boats that have rammed into the back end of another boat or the front side bumper has been clipped off. You will find that some of the engines have been blown because they tried really hard to turn their boat into a speedboat. The drivers can become eruptive, passionate and dramatic. It is really, really messy at the back of this group, where boats are moving in the water flowing down stream.

It is actually here, at the back of the boat parade, traveling down stream, that the Daily News and Variety show was conceived, developed and produced for distribution. The stories that occur in this area of the river are outrageous, dramatic and highly amusing, sometimes scary and sometimes sad. They keep the whole river entertained and distracted. Anyone who has the sight to see can cleverly write lots of interesting stories about this mayhem distracting everyone from gently flowing down the stream.

It is quite something to watch.

The different Emotional Inner Authority Boats have different types of engines and some of them even have an anchor hanging off of the side of the boat. Depending on how fast they are meant to travel down stream determines how low their anchor sinks and how deep it anchors into the mud. Many people who have a slow, pontoon-like boat but they have been raised to believe that they are just as fast as the speedboats at the front of the river. That is a disastrous mistake. They miss so many opportunities thinking that they are super fast “in the moment” kind of boat and burn out way before their time.

Some of those boats that are designed to go very, very slow are the ones who create the boat with couplemost accidents. They glide right up to a Sacral boat and tie up to the side of their boat. The Emotional boat begins to flutter and stall as it is pushed to go at a much faster speed than what it was designed. Soon, the engine is blown. The Sacral boat with the emotional boat tied to it becomes super slow and dragged back to the rear of the river. They never get to their destination or get the golden nuggets that are there for them along the way. They are too distracted. Mostly, because the emotional boat who happens to have a blown engine and is now being dragged and pulled by the Sacral boat. The combination of these two trying to sail down the river of life together is what creates the most interesting, dramatic stories for the Daily News.

boat sunkenOccasionally, while floating down stream you will see boats stranded at the side of the river, lodged and caught between two logs or a tall tuft of grass on the bank of the river. Sometimes, you may even see a boat capsized, turned over and the person standing on top of the boat that is upside down yelling, “help”. It is really sad to see. Hardly anyone stops; no one wants to be bothered with someone who can’t steer their boat down stream. Open Head boats get lost in the process of helping and taken off course by the boat stuck on the bank of the river. It can be a disastrous effort to assist and could cause more Boat.smallproblems for the open Head than necessary.

All of this mayhem provides some great material for the Daily News though.





Continued:    Part II / Gently Down The Stream


written by Kashi Stone 2015