It’s true, we continuously reincarnate.

If you could actually see what is happening on a quantum level, you would see that every single cell has a Design Crystal and a Magnetic Monopole. We also know that cells have a very limited life span, coming and going all the time.

Look at your hand and imagine that there are literally tens of thousands of cells that are dying continuously every moment through your skin. Every time one of those cells dies, the Design Crystal and the Magnetic Monopole of that cell rushes down into the earth.

At the same time the dying cells are pouring down into the Earth, new cells are being raised up from the Earth. When the cell dies, there is another one that automatically shows up to take its place and do the same job. In the same way, we are coming into and going out of life, all the time, over eons of years, as the Personality Crystal.

Ra didn’t like the term “reincarnating” because he said that we are always reincarnating and that is what humans do over and over. He found it to be utterly uninteresting. He mentioned that he had heard many stories of “Cleopatras and Caesars and all that stuff”. But his response was basically, we incarnate so much that it’s pointless to think about it; “It’s an endless roller coaster”, were his words.

It’s a known fact in quantum physics that the vast, majority of crystals never get to incarnate into living form. Those Personality Crystals that do incarnate, are here to do an important job. The astrological life trajectory shows that the life purpose of most humans is meant to evolve, grow and transcend into an awakened state. This is the purpose of each person’s life: We are here to evolve form and merge the binary dance of the poles of opposites.

What that means is that we are here to learn how to take better care of our body and health, learn how to maximize our forms potential and bring a synthesis into our frequency through higher principle practices, exemplified through a calm, tranquil state and a peaceful mind. Our next life gets a little better when we tune in a little more.

It’s not easy being human but there is great potential available within each person when we finally learn to love our own being.

Be kind and give yourself what you need to thrive in this life.



Written by Kashi Stone