Reflector Friends

I am very fortunate, I know many Reflectors and I have gotten to know them, knowing that they are Reflectors. When you know the TYPE of a person and learn to observe, you can learn many things about the way the different Types operate.

You may hear different interpretations about how one experiences a Reflector, but here is mine.



Lake and Moon

I love the aura of the Reflector. It is like sitting in a clear energy field that does not have an impact. For me, experiencing the Reflector aura is like sitting on the banks of a clear, still lake. The lake is like a mirror yet deep and has a life under the surface that is full of color, magic and it’s own unique way of being. But on top, the surface of the lake is like looking into a mirror. The surface of the lake reflects your state of being and if you feel beautiful, you get beauty back. If your state of being is in chaos, unhappiness or darkness, you get that reflection back. The Reflector is an instant mirror to the moment and your state of mind.

The Reflector is also a reflection of their environment, their relationships and other aura’s in their environment. I have watched personalities change drastically by the effects of another’s aura on a Reflector. It is painful to watch when it is not a positive, loving imprint; you are suddenly dealing with another character. It can be confusing.

However, I love having Reflectors around. I love to have their input on creative projects that I am doing. I like to pass my ideas by a Reflector friend to see if what I am doing makes them feel good. They also show me in their reaction, when I am out of center and reflect a stillness back to me when I am in center.

If you want to know if a party is good, just look at the Reflector who is attending the party. Are they happy? Are they having a good time? The Reflector tells you if the event is a good one.

I once produced a fashion show for my clothing line. I had about twelve girls in the show to model the clothing. One of the girls was a Reflector.

I had a photographer take photos of the models as they walked the runway. The Reflector has the most fabulous smile on her face in each of her photos. It was obvious that she was having a good time. Even better is when she came to visit me a few days after the Fashion Show.

My dear Reflector friend shared with me how she felt about the show, the clothing, the event and me. It was one of the most precious reflections I have ever received. I knew I did a good job once she shared this with me. The Reflectors response to what I had created was worth its weight in gold and showed me just how effective it was. The ‘hick-ups’ and ‘bloops’ in the production just seem to melt away when she told me how the experience had impacted her.

In Human Design, it is explained that Reflectors can see who is outside of the program and original in their chemistry. I have witnessed, in conversation with Reflector friends their process of ‘seeing’ certain people in a crowd, even me. It seems that for the Reflector it is about who is standing out and what is the expression that is standing out from the rest. Whether it is good or bad, the Reflector can see who is different in the crowd and not caught in the conditioning program of our system. When they do see them, the picture is very clear for the Reflector and the Reflector becomes curious about what makes a person unique from the rest.

The Reflector will also want to naturally gravitate to those who make them feel better, if possible, depending on how the mind has been shaped and the Open Centers influenced. The experience of tasting aura’s and the impact of other auras is obviously felt more deeply with Reflectors than any other Type, in my opinion.

Reflectors aura’s often feel like an innocent child to me, not all of them, but some.
Michael Jackson and the very popular hugging Indian guru, Ammaji are both Reflectors. They are excellent examples of how innocent the Reflector can be empowered in their own chemistry. When I am with one of my Reflector friends, I do feel like I am with a child but not in the way you would imagine. For me, it is a quality of ‘lightness’ that is difficult to describe.

Reflectors operate so differently from all the other types. The Reflector’s strategy is to wait a full cycle of the moon.

Can you imagine having to wait an entire month before making a decision?

Imagine waiting a month to make a decision with no energy (zero centers defined) and Reflectorhaving to exist in the type of artificial reality we live in, disconnected from nature. Reflectors are intimately connected, in chemistry to the laws of nature through watching the moon while the rest of us are spinning in confusion, chaos, competition and lack of alignment not paying attention to the moon.

However, there are many Reflectors who are not paying attention to the moon either. They are living a life highly influenced and conditioned and probably very confused most of the time; I see this.

Reflectors have to pay the bills like the rest of us. I don’t think this is correct, really. There needs to be some kind of a trust fund for Reflectors from the universe so they can be who they are: empty with no energy just sampling, tasting life, reflecting back what the current state of the world and the people is around it.

But life is not that way for the Reflector. Like most on this planet, no one is recognized really for the way they operate as a Type and as an aura. I hope someday that changes.



Clear lake 3

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