21% of population on planet

The Projectors natural position is at the top of the hierarchy, designed to be the guide of the energy types. Projectors recognize talents and capabilities of Generators and Manifesting Generators and can guide them in the most efficient use of their energy.

Power for manifesting is given to generators who do not know how to use it without the help of Projectors. Projectors do not have this kind of manifesting life force themselves and will soon be exhausted if they expend energy in the same way as Generators.

Projectors are great organizers and net-workers and have the knack for bringing the right combination of people together to accomplish a task. They are the natural middle-man and ultimately, it is up to them to maintain harmony in the world.

Recognizing a Projector ~           

The most important thing for a Projector is to be recognized – their greatest secret is people.  They absolutely have to have the right people around them – and that is those who recognize them. If people do not recognize a Projector – the Projector becomes an energy drain.

The appropriate recognition is key. When a Projector hears, “I always feel so inspired when I am with you”, every cell in their body literally lites up, because that person has truly recognized them. If someone gives a compliment that does not make sense – it may feel good – but it is not the right recognition.

For Projectors exhaustion and fatigue go hand in hand often creating debilitating disease or a short life span. Projectors tend to compromise searching for recognition creating exhaustive conditions from the wrong relationships.

If a Projector does not wait to be recognized, they become ill from the energy of those around them. Projectors are not designed to take on the burdens of others. Their true role is to guide the energy types and let them do the things they are not equipped to handle.

It is essential that a Projector is recognized for who they ARE and not for who they are not.


Waiting to be Invited ~

Projectors often make the mistake of inviting rather than “wait to be invited”. In restlessness and insecurity, they often rush to invite the other, another form of initiating.

Projectors must absolutely NOT initiate – they must wait to be invited. There are four types of “invitations” that Projectors are waiting for:

Invitation to Love

Invitation to Career

Invitation to bond with others

Invitation for a place to live


The Projector must RELAX and STAY SILENT

A Projectors aura is very specific. It can be felt across a room and has a very distinct frequency. Anyone who is attuned to their frequency will notice them immediately.

The Projector aura does all the talking and soon naturally brings out the invitation from the other. When Projectors learn to trust in their silent chemistry, many opportunities come their way.

The mantra for a Projector is:

“Wait for a formal invitation that is just right for me”

This is the strategy to eliminate resistance as it makes life sweet. Everything else just unfolds if the Projector learns to trust their chemistry.

Projectors auras are magical. It draws the right attention and protects them. Anyone who is not naturally drawn to them will be unhealthy for them. All a projector has to do is sit back and wait to see who comes forward and who does not.

Those with an Emotional Motor / emotional authority must wait to know their truth. They have to sleep on it and wait to be “re-invited”. This can look like missing an opportunity but a decision can look good when you are high on your wave and look horrible when you are low on your wave.

Thus emotional Projectors have to push an offer away or delay it to test it.

If the invitation is perfect, the aura will naturally draw the “re-invite”.

Waiting is the greatest secret – learning to wait transforms the very cells of the body.

Relief of not having to make things fit is a great gift for Projectors.


Relationships ~

Projectors have to receive a formal invite to love and to bond. This is the only way to correctly enter a relationship.

If a woman is interested in a Projector, she will have to do the inviting. If two Projectors are interested in each other – they will have to go through an extended courtship of inviting each other. This is the only time a Projector can invite.

Each Projector needs an invitation to match their own energy. Plus, the nature of the invite is most important of all – if you don’t invite at all and just say – “I really want to be with you” – the relationship will be full of bitterness.

If Projectors do not enter a relationship in the right way, then they will always fall in with the wrong person, becoming the “needy” partner in the relationship.

Projectors are unique in that they transcend status and class. They can be born poor and become very rich. They are designed to move through the social strata of society.


Generators and Projectors ~

Generators and Projectors interlock with each other. The Generators, collectively, create the life of the larger organism of humanity. They are the pure cells that are buzzing day and night, maintaining and building the whole. Projector cells are unique. They have no propulsion of their own, so they drift around on the endless energy of currents created by generators.

These Projectors have certain purposes that only click when they are with the right combination of Generators that “dock in” to receive instructions. Since the Projector has no energy, it cannot initiate but rather it must allow for Generators to notice them and dock in with their own timing – also known as –  magical serendipity.

This recognition process works like a code and key built in to the two types at birth. The Projector holds numerous keys that fit a large array of locks. When the key does not fit – it is very obvious.

The Projector does nothing until they are recognized. Every Projector knows when the key fits. Every cell lites up in their bodies. They also know when it “sorta” fits – those are the critical moments – if not perfect – smile sweetly and walk away.

Perfect combination for manifestation: One Projector and four generators that FIT!