Projectors and the Art of Guiding

Lock and key3In the Human Design teachings we learn that Projectors are the new “guides” for humanity. Most people are confused especially Projectors because it’s not really clear how this new kind of guiding works, exactly. There is no real manual for directing the process of guiding nor is there a clear, precise example as to how this special new kind of “guiding” operates.

That is because, when a Projector first hears that it is here to guide, the first thing the Projector wants to do is tell you everything it knows.

A Projector feels that if they share what they know, then they will get the recognition that they desperately crave. So, you will find that Projectors will download lots of information, whether you have invited them to do so or not.

Eventually, after receiving the download, one is feeling a little bit confused and a little bit “overwhelmed” yet feeling a slight bit of entertainment, because they can be good at entertaining.

Something is missing in that transmission though because the “guiding” is not about downloading information, at all. If a Projector is downloading information, it is teaching, it is not guiding. There is a big difference.

Please don’t misunderstand me.

Sharing knowledge and teaching is a wonderful thing and Projectors are good at it, especially because of the way their brains work. However, teaching does not transmit transformation.Projector penetration

It is important to keep in mind that Projectors guide best, one on one.

When it is truly effectual, the Projector’s ability to guide is very personal and intimate and in the moment.

And when they guide, they do not download, at all. They don’t have to say a word about anything in order to guide. It actually works best if they don’t talk about what they know. Knowledge is incidental to their true ability to guide.

This special gift of guiding is actually about asking the right questions at key moments.

When the Projector guides, naturally, it is an amazing sensation to experience. It is incredibly empowering and brings tremendous clarity, immediately.

There is a great sense of relaxation and calmness that sets in when the Projector is standing, in aura, asking the most poignant question of all, in that moment.


In the teachings of the basic mechanics (LYD), Ra Uru Hu states:

“The Projector does nothing until they are recognized. Every Projector knows when the key fits. Every cell lites up in their bodies.

They also know when it “sorta” fits – those are the critical moments – if not perfect – smile sweetly and walk away.”


It’s difficult to understand exactly what that means until you begin to witness these types of “key and lock” combinations happening in your life.

When the “key and lock” combination fits perfectly, the guiding is effortless. The Projector can see who the Generator is, what they are struggling with and naturally begins to ask the “right” questions that quickly leads to clarity for the Generator.

If the “lock and key” combination doesn’t fit, there is going to be a strange feeling when the Projector attempts to guide because the Projector isn’t really interested. Because of this lack of curiosity in the Generator, they do not ask the right questions, they don’t see the “other” for who they really are and they don’t bring that wonderful state of relief or relaxation into the exchange of information or ideas in the form of questions.

But when it’s a fit, it is incredibly delicious. There is nothing like it. It is probably the closest thing to heaven that can be experienced on this planet. A Generator has a best friend, a guide, an ally, support in the work to be done, and someone who is asking the right questions at the right moment.

The Projector has gained a great fan, a strong ally, a powerful source of energy for work to be done, and dedicated support in the endeavors.

That is what a perfect fit in “lock and key” can do.

“Lock and key” fits are not found in electromagnetics, they are found in the environment, that brings two people, together, in aura, at the perfect moment.

Our choices along the way dictate the degree of quality in which we experience these “lock and key” connections and the amount of harmony and ease.

It is up to us to recognize these encounters when they happen and to enjoy and gain the most, mutually, from the encounter.

Most people miss that magical “lock and key” encounter though because they are too focused on romance and caught in antiquated, traditional thinking. So, they pass on by the Projector or Generator they just met who might be a great fit for fabulous success.

It is unfortunate.



~ Written by Kashi Rachel Stone  2015 December