Points of Consciousness

Mind Body Soul

There is this core place that a person operates from as they are moving about, interacting and experiencing life on the physical plane. I call this core place, “point of consciousness”.

In this “point of consciousness”, a person moves and intends all actions and behaviours. It is the sum of all intentions actions and thoughts, making up the point from where the mind or Mental Body operates.

It is the frequency of where the mind is focused. It is the thread of thought that the mind has taken a hold of and is using to color the thinking process and to live out the life.

Most emit this “point of consciousness” from the Sacral or Solar Plexus Centers. A few emit a point of consciousness from the Heart Center, activated and open. Once in awhile, I will encounter a person who is anchored in their defined Ajna.


This “point of consciousness” also changes position according to the person’s attitude and thought field. Some people slide back and forth between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Center and many, many people slide back and forth betweenAura5 the Sacral and the Solar Plexus Centers.

You can see the “point of consciousness” in the behaviour of people. There are certain specific characteristics of “points of consciousness” evident in the stories that are told or the way a person behaves.

Often, you can see this “point of consciousness” in the body posture of a person.

For instance, a person who demands control, often, will have a large stomach. The larger the stomach, the greater is the desire for control or from lack of not getting enough physical touch and attention.

You can witness digestion problems, addictions to sugar and alcohol as an expression of anger.

If a person has a collapsed chest with sunken shoulders, and a small pouch in their tummy area, most likely they are feeling like a victim in some way. This can be displayed through depression, neediness, stories and blame. You can also see a strong display of manipulation through emotions used to get attention and recognition.

In contrast, an open chest with shoulders back and a chin up stance demonstrates a healthy, integrated individual. The energy of the mechanics is naturally smooth, soft, gentle, strong and powerful. The integrated being is free from pressure as the body is free of pain and stress.


An attitude of gratitude changes everything and lifts one up into a higher point of consciousness.







2015 Kashi Rachel Stone