Yoga for Today

Yoga is a very powerful word.

With the craze of “yoga” as an exercise in the western culture, the word “yoga” has taken on an entirely different meaning than what it actually is.

Yoga has become the exercise of choice for most of the world’s modern population.  And there are as many styles of yoga as there are coffee drink styles on the menu at Starbucks.

Huge retreats occur around the world through out the year offering various instructors who specialize in different styles of Yoga from Ashtanga to Bikram to Vinyasa to Restorative to Hatha. They are all there.

You can also find a “yoga salon” almost every four or five blocks in most metropolitan areas. There are probably more yoga exercise practitioners today than any other health or fitness training program.

It’s a big business.

However, this physical exercise style of Yoga is actually not Yoga at all.

And many of those who practice this physical exercise that is called “yoga” do not realize this.

Yoga is the science of Spirituality and Enlightenment and translates as “Union”, meaning the merging of heaven and earth, spirit and body, integration of all parts of our being. It is truly a spiritual teaching for finding one’s source or godhead.

Through a series of levels, one transcends, evolves and reaches the highest Yoga on the Ladder, the state of Samadhi; complete enlightenment.

A being can be afforded the opportunity to transcend in one lifetime and achieve this enlightened state by moving through all levels of Yoga, as demonstrated through the life path of archetypal figures such as Buddha or Christ.

However, this path requires one to surrender.

It requires one to drink in deeply a trust in higher forces, which is very spiritual.

You can consider the spiritual science of Yoga as a school for achieving full Divine human expression that is earned through a series of “courses”.  Gradually, over time, when one has traversed the eight levels of Yoga, one graduates and can live a fully realized, “enlightened state”.

This enlightened state cannot be gained through knowledge or mental application, nor can it be purchased. It is gained through the alignment and purification of the Mental, Physical and Emotional Bodies. As one evolves, the nature of the being turns towards higher principles that exist within the force of Universal Oneness.

According to esoteric teachings, Hatha Yoga originated during the ancient times of Lemuria, many thousands of years ago.

At that time in history, mankind was a little more than pure animal. Hatha Yoga was developed to teach the significance of each organ in the body so that humans could learn to consciously control their internal biological structure.

That time period also brought an understanding of the two parts of the human: etheric and physical, connected through the seven major glands of the body. Hence, the correlation of the Chakra Centers with the practice of Hatha Yoga postures.

Then came Pranayama, the Yoga science of breath. With the mutation of the larynx we learned how to properly breathe in our new vehicle. Pranayama is beneficial for gaining a steady mind, strong willpower and sound judgment and brings the body into a coordinated state and single focus for meditation. There are many forms of Pranayama that have developed over the centuries for different purposes and results.

Kundalini Yoga, was the next yoga to be recognized and practiced. Kundalini Yoga is a study of the Chakra Centers, the etheric body and development of the psychic, intuitive nature. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, one fixes their attention and energy on their own essence and higher conscious connection through meditation and mantras. In so doing, over a period of time, one enters into an ecstatic state that elevates one out of reactive emotional awareness. This Yoga also gives the power to heal.

Later, during Atlantean times, Bhakti Yoga was incorporated as it centered on the qualities of devotion and mysticism, which naturally stems out of the Emotional body achieved through the Kundalini Yoga practice.

Bhakti Yoga is the practice of the heart and deep devotion with a spirit of harmlessness, compassion, Universal love, and in service for humanity through group efforts. It brings into submission all matters concerning feelings, emotions and desires. It is designed for a complete transmutation of the Emotional Body into a quiet, clear, peaceful state.

Once one has moved through the practice of these four levels of Yoga and has instilled a daily meditation practice, one is ready to enter into Raja Yoga.

At this time period, we are learning Raja Yoga, the science of Union. It is the science for merging the Mental Body (Personality Crystal) with the body (Design Crystal) so that Spirit, can drive the vehicle. It is the spiritual path that gets you “turned on” and in communion with your Spirit.

Through an abstract process, Raja Yoga provides the ability to have control over the Not-Self. The Not-Self is rooted deeply in the Emotional and Mental Bodies, expressing through mental tapes that play in the mind, logical planning, strategizing and formulating that one does in concern for their affairs.

Through certain meditations, mantras and spiritual teachings, the Mental Body and Emotional Body are transformed. Gradually, the Mental Body assimilates the higher principles and the nature of the being refines, tunes and synthesizes as the Emotional Body enters into an equanimous state bringing the being into union with the Spirit. That is why incorporating a daily ritual of spiritual teachings to read and center the being is so important. It is a tool to transform the Mental Body into cooperation with the Soul as it soothes and retrains the Emotional Body.

With Raja Yoga, our Soul powers are turned on, which include telepathy, holographic/multi-dimensional viewing, mastery over spoken word, power to heal, ability to become invisible and an awakened state of intuition that moves the beyond the mental process.

Through the practice of Raja Yoga one is able to see the Mental Body, Emotional Body and Spirit, simultaneously. One can witness the body moving, the mind busy and the Observer resting quietly behind the noise. They are all three there, together, acting out the life constantly, consciously.

We are given a great opportunity at this time to expand our reality and turn on all the bells and whistles that come with this new human operating system.

Meditation combined with thoughts that are true, honest, fair, pure, lovely and in positive praise, is the process of Raja Yoga. There are many different meditations for different types of minds and chemistry.

And there are many different teachings of the same Truth.

May you find your Raja……

Specific Raja teachings: Bhagavad Gita, The New Testament and the Yoga Sutras.

Written 2015 by Kashi Stone