Open Throat II

There is a commonly known rule in the Human Design teachings that it is essential for open Throat Center beings to never, never speak first.

This is very, very obvious to me.

With my open Throat that has zero gates, It is obvious to me to never speak first, even when saying, “Hello”.

I can also see that the less I say, the less attention that I draw to myself, the more I just sit quietly, patiently watching, listening and not looking for ways to interrupt a conversation to express myself, that I truly do gain some kind of grace and empowerment. Even though I may never speak in a group encounter, my aura has done the talking, gracefully.

I have found that there is another golden key to the open Throat Center’s correct operation: never speak the last words. Never having the last word kind of works in the same way as it does when the open Throat speaks first.

If I make the last word – I usually sound ridiculous and the conversation ends with a funny feeling. But if I let the conversation end with the other, it usually leaves a good feeling for both of us.

I also find that open Throat Center beings interrupt me, care less what I have to say more than the defined Throat Center people. They can become annoyed quickly with my stories, interrupt me and take over the conversation. They really let me know when I am over speaking, trying to attract attention and so on. I can see myself clearly through their behaviour.

In a group, when the open Throat Center interrupts, takes attention away from me or over talks me, I don’t care. I just laugh and stop talking. Sometimes the defined Throat person who I am talking with in the group will ask me to continue talking and ask the other open Throat Center to please not interrupt me. That feels good when that happens then I know someone is genuinely interested in what I have to say. It’s refreshing.

Another thing about the Open Throat Center is the pressure when they are near a Manifesting Generator. With the MG energy reaching up to the Throat Center, from a motor, it causes great pressure to speak, interrupt, attract attention and become really annoying.

It sneaks up when an open Throat is in their company and feeling excited in conversation. It really pushes and makes the open Throat feel uncomfortable.

Silence is truly the golden rule for the open Throat Center. So many open Throat being’s have no clue as they run amok with their mouth, attracting attention and spilling out everything they think so everyone else can hear them. It is very, very distorted.

Open Throat beings have a tendency to mumble out loud about things that really don’t matter to anyone else. This makes others stop what they are doing because they think the open Throat Center is talking to them. But really, the open Throat Center is just mumbling its thoughts out loud and taking the attention and energy of the other person nearby.

They will also tell you too look at their hands or what they are talking about in order to grasp your attention fully. This can be exhausting. Most of the time it is unconscious and habitual.

Being open can be a great gift. The silence that comes with the aware open Throat being can be very powerful. The aura speaks for itself, loudly, fully. You really, really don’t have to speak – only when it is necessary.

You can feel and see when it is too much. Just watch and be aware of the subtle energies speaking to you as you interact. It is all there.


2014 Kashi Stone