The ‘When and How’ of the Open Throat Center


The open Throat Centre in a not-self unawareness, often plays out through a person who will talk out of turn, often inappropriately, and create a ‘snag’ in the flow of a conversation in a group gathering. The open Throat Centre will talk beyond a comfortable point and as a result begin to lose the interest of the group they are talking at.

Like every manifestation of the ‘not-self’, over-talking and trying to attract attention is an unpleasant frequency that will make others want to turn off their attention. The group dynamic will then begin to wane and dissipate. When the open Throat Centre impacts in its not-self manifestation many of those seated at the table around them can sense that something has shifted on a subtle level and it is slightly uncomfortable for a moment.

The open Throat Centre will often talk over others, sometimes louder or sometimes bursting in abruptly. It will often try many different ways to bring attention back to themselves in various attempts to be validated and be the centre of attention again. They will often continue in conversation as though they have an audience when in fact, most of the group is moving on in their thoughts having reached their peak of interest and checking out who to converse with next that might be a little more interesting and who will not dominate the conversation.

This type of open Throat Centre behaviour can be very irritating and disturbing in a peaceful conversation and interferes with the background field in a group dynamic.


On the other hand, the aware open Throat Centre knows that it is open and is familiar with that sensation of trying to draw attention to itself and the tendency to talk too much. They have learned that if they talk first, they automatically lose any advantage in the conversation. They most likely will look unintelligent and possibly ridiculous if they do speak first. After all, the open Throat Centre operating incorrectly really doesn’t know what to say or how to say it. It’s like a blind person getting into a large car and driving into a sea of traffic, with predictable consequences.

The open Throat Centre, that is aware, does not speak until it is drawn out or asked for a response. It sits quietly waiting, peaceful and not urging for expression. It seems to be the most impossible thing for an open Throat Centre and yet it is one of the most powerful things that an open Throat Centre can do.

An aware open Throat Centres affect an entire group on a subtle level that has exquisite grace, which is quiet in its movement and natural in its relaxed awareness of the tension in the ‘no space’ for expression of the open Throat Centre. They can actually create more ease in the group with their quietness. Attention comes to them from the quality of their silent presence that intensifies and is felt by those in the group when something needs to be said or done and no one is saying or doing it. The aware Throat Centre can bring pinpoint attention to an entire group without saying a word. Then they are naturally called out. Then they speak only what needs to be spoken. Then everyone relaxes.

The open Throat Centre sits quietly and may speak a few words or a few sentences when it is asked or invited but not too much. It holds its not-self voice at bay, allowing its natural wisdom to operate – the ability to see and track the manifestations of others. It moves like a panther through a jungle of thoughts, voices, words, sighs and laughter. And when it speaks, just like the graceful, powerful pounce of the jungle cat, it is eloquent, appropriate, effective, practical and very often astoundingly perceptive. And then naturally, there is the quiet, gentle movement back into the background until it’s time for it to show it’s beauty and grace again in response to the ‘almost imperceptable gaps’ or ‘untruths’ of others. That is its power, its natural beauty, to move gently like the quiet jungle cat without disturbing, without too much noise, just quietly moving, aware, and in the relaxed state that comes from being aware that the right timing will appear.

If you have an open Throat Centre, relax, feel the frequencies of the manifestations around you, sit quietly, be in your true power and be beautiful.


Written 2012  by Kashi Stone