Living With An Open G Center

bigstock_Couple_At_Home_1298494The open G center is like a chameleon. As the chameleon moves from one environment to another, the lizard’s natural camouflage kicks in, and its skin mimics the shade and color of each new environment. In this way the tiny creature can warm itself in the sun, absorbing the heat, hidden in full view, waiting patiently for opportunity.



Open G Centers operate in a similar fashion in the way that they take on the subtle vibrations of an environment and the people that share the same environment with them, acquiescing to that field of influence. This ever changing field of influence on the open G tends to make one wonder just who they are as their shade changes with each different environment. It can be confusing to change your identity like the wind that blows and never settling into one single role in life.  It can be unsettling and confusing when we are taught to settle down and grow roots in one place when the open G is here to experience many different environments and experiences of love.


With an aware open G center, chances are that you will not fall into the tradition of what our culture has deemed appropriate. Rather, you will move into different environments as you are directed by others and sense the comfort of a place.

Funny thing is, when you go to a place that you once felt good in, with that open G center, it may not be the same next time. As the waves of  different people come and go throughout your life, you will be continuously in a state of “feng shui’ as you move through life arranging your environment – from furniture to jobs to love relationships. If it is feeling good and there is recognition for who you are, chances are that you can hang your hat for awhile and enjoy the sensation and relaxation but things do change and you never know what your open G center is going to reveal to you, it is incredibly present and aware of the changes in the background field.


The Open G is so sensitive that it naturally acquiesces to its environment, revealing if it is the right place for them or not. If it is, an open G center will shine, be content and incredibly satisfied with life while enjoying good health and abundance in doing what they love and are passionate about.


If the place is wrong for the open G center, one can become ill, not getting the bigstock_not_so_happy_couple_20318813opportunities that are needed to thrive and instead become quite miserable.


The open G center never knows who it is, it never will. It will change and go through many identities as it travels through life exercising its ability to choose the correct environment and people to surround itself with. The open G identity will change as often as the environments change.




The open G center is incredibly sensitive as it moves in openness that can never be consistently fixed. With the constant change in identities comes a confusion that arises over their love or the love of others. It is an ever flowing question of “will I find love here?”

The open G center is a fabulous key for navigating your way to the correct place and correct people where you will find love. You will notice with the open G that when you suddenly step into the correct environment, there will be a flutter in the G center. It is very, very subtle, but when you have moved into the right environment, your body is going to tell you and let you know that you have spoken or chosen the correct direction for you. With that immediate fluttering sensation there will be a sense of relaxation in the body, most likely accompanied by a sigh and a sense of relief.


When it comes to love and attraction, be aware of the electromagnetics that activate the chemistry of the genetic imperative within you and see that the attraction is there but notice what the G center is indicating. Sometimes the electromagnetics can be so powerful aligning the mind with their pull. Something feels sexy and interesting but what does the open G center resonate to? Is it fluttering? Is it filling up? Are you relaxed and smooth with your energy? Do you feel happy? Notice the tone of your voice and your mannerism as it adapts. Do you like what you see or hear?


The guidance of the open G center will certainly surprise your mind and make you wonder, but the body already knows ahead of the mind. The body is speaking a language on a level that is not completely obvious and apparent to most. The resonation of the open G center is so very subtle it is easy to miss when one is filled with mind chatter.


bigstock_Couplewalking__520763The open G center will tell you if someone is the right person but the important thing to keep in mind is that there really is no “correct” person in love. Everything changes and the body will tell you when it is time for a change. Your love will change and the people will change and with time, place, and situation, a love changes. You will change, and what was love may no longer be ‘the’ love. Try to stay open to others and understand that you need the freedom to sample the love of life and know what real love is. It is a life long journey for you but you are keenly tuned into what is love by experiencing that process of looking for love.



The wrong environment can bring out the very worst in a person who has an open G center. When the energies are not in harmony with the core nature of the being, there is no opportunity to express oneself authentically. It is difficult to find support or encouragement, let alone recognition for who you are and what you have to contribute if you are surrounded by the wrong people. The wrong environment brings the wrong people and wrong situations. It removes opportunity from your grasp and leaves you bewildered and lost.

An aware open G center knows that it is going to be seeking out love, looking for the ‘one’ or the sensation of being filled up with love, the right place and the right identity that an environment will bring to them.  The aware open G center knows that the correct place and people change with time and does not become attached. They are in a state of wonder as they move from one place to another, allowing others to guide them onto the next thing. An aware person with an open G center is not going to feel lost with this sensation of not having a fixed identity and seeking out love, rather they will feel content as they move through life sampling love and becoming experts at understanding love.


If you have an open G center, take a look at your ongoing health. Observe how you feel when you are in a particular place or home. Notice the way you change in your presentation of self, in mannerism and character.

Notice who has a defined G center in your regular environment and study how their design impacts you.


Are you being recognized for what you have to offer and are best skilled at?

Is your health strong and are you feeling vibrant and alive?


Are you working within an environment that makes you feel ‘yummy’ when you walk into its threshold?


Are you playing out a role in life that does not really suit you and lacks passion?



Your open G center knows what love is in a way that goes beyond the genetic urge of the chemical attraction that electromagnetics bring or the minds tendency to rationalize conditioning thoughts and reason, completely disconnected from the body wisdom.

The open G center can challenge what is deemed ‘normal’ in romantic relationships, friendships and traditional family values, as it samples people and places constantly, on its way to finding that correct place of contentment where it is surrounded by the right people. Often, those places are outside of the family nucleus or the traditional marriage that is usually created through conditioning or reckless, spontaneous, passionate love affairs as a result of powerful electromagnetics. In the aware person, the open G center will lead you naturally towards a love that allows self love to be part of the relationship.

Electromagnetics can easily create confusion in the push and pull of relating that draws us bigstock_Couple_In_Love_5189627towards a person and gives a sensation of thrill. The aware open G center will observe the electromagnetics and follow the sensation that comes through the open G center telling them that a person is truly correct for them or not, overriding the pull of the genetic drive that is purely focused on reproduction.

If there is an attraction but a strange uncomfortable feeling in a particular environment, something is not correct in that engagement. If there is a smooth relaxation in the exchange of energy and the environment feels really good to you and you are feeling a sense of joy, you may be meeting an important person or in the exact, correct flow for things to unfold properly for you.


Observe and follow how you feel in your body in different environments that you encounter and then watch to see how the people impact you within that environment.  Are they bringing the best qualities out of you or is it rapidly degenerating your health and success.


I invite you to observe and experiment with the various impacts that the different environments bring and see how your body wisdom tunes into what is right for you.


I think you will be pleasantly surprised where that journey will take you when you move according to that inner compass. It is a tremendous challenge for it requires disregarding the mind and its tendency to rationalize. It causes you to tune into a place that you are not necessarily familiar with. It is a journey deep within your self that will take you to the very core of who you are, guiding you and bringing you into opportunity and contentment.

Written by Kashi Stone, 2011