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mid-Sept 2018 / online


Basics of Human Design


If you are curious, slightly confused or have had a reading or advanced training but remain disconnected viscerally to the mechanics, then, consider this course as an initiation towards realizing a greater understanding, and awareness of body and mind.



Kashi unfolded the knowledge with great detail and made it very simple to comprehend … Thank you so very much.   G.H.    New York


Thank You Kashi,…..I appreciate the way You share. It is direct and simple. Elegant.      With honour, R. C,     Bolivia


“The classes are so healing for me and I love our Group……..”


“Our class yesterday was so lovely. How rich and different it feels each time we come together.  It’s quite fascinating observing, sharing, and learning from you, Kashi, and the other girls and their process.”


Kashi, this was such a fantastic class. I am so excited for the next few weeks. Thank you so much!


Thank you for the wonderful class today. 🙂

I learned so much from everyone and it felt good being able to express myself within our container.  You have beautiful and lovely energy and I’m looking forward to learning more from you.    

The first time I heard you speak on your YouTube videos, my tummy felt comfortable and happy and said YESSSS!  ……Thank you & Blessings


Thanks for the insightful class.
One learns so much listening to others profiles……..


Curious how to integrate Human Design into your daily life?

Seeking how to cause the mechanics to come alive in your body?

Feeling slightly confused learning Human Design?

Not grasping the meaning of strategy, authority or initiating?

Seeking to better understand what it means to be your Type?

Curious how to apply this knowledge to better understand others?

Curious how mechanics relates to aura and physical body?

Seeking understanding how to fulfill life purpose using the mechanics?


Then, this course is for you ~

FOUR WEEKS / 1 Day each week
Learning the Basics of Human Design is a fOUR-week course, one day each week for four weeks. Classes last approximately two-four hours. The day of week and time is determined before classes begin, by the group, in an effort to coordinate international time zones.


Basics of Human Design, Vol I and companion workbook

Week 1: Comprehensive overview of bodygraph and definition
Week 2: Understanding and Recognizing Not-self
Week 3: Comprehension of five TYPES
Week 4: Grasping of Inner and Outer Authority

Each student receives accreditation upon completion of course, which can be applied towards further professional Human Design or SOUL DESIGN education. Mini-readings conducted in every class with each students chart and subtle guidance shared as understanding gently, unfolds.


Early Bird Registration / $85

ends midnight 30th of August 2018






Payment secures your seat for the course. Once our office receives notification of your transaction, we will contact you by email confirming your registration and with further instructions within 24 hours.

If you have questions, please contact:



Time of class is determined by those enrolled for ease in attending, internationally.



Kashi Stone is certified by the International Human Design School to teach the basic knowledge of Human Design.