The Basics of Human Design

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Learn the Basics of Human Design ~ experientially

In an effort to make timing of course convenient for everyone and to ensure adequate time with students, classes are limited to six students.

FOUR WEEKS / One day each week

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September 2018

Kashi unfolded the knowledge with great detail and made it very simple to comprehend … Thank you so very much.   G.H.    New York

Thank You Kashi,…..I appreciate the way You share. It is direct and simple. Elegant.      With honour, R. C,     Bolivia

“The classes are so healing for me and I love our Group……..”

“Our class yesterday was so lovely. How rich and different it feels each time we come together.  It’s quite fascinating observing, sharing, and learning from you, Kashi, and the other girls and their process.”

HOW LONG IS COURSE?     FOUR WEEKS / 1 Day each week
Learning the Basics of Human Design is a four-week course, one day each week for four weeks. Classes last approximately two hours.

Learn the Basics of Human Design using the companion workbook and Volume I, complimentary, at no extra charge, for those who enroll in the class. Students conduct exercises on their own before class, then, review process and homework in class. Volume I, Learning the Basics, is comparable to the formal Living Your Design course taught through the International Human Design School. Kashi Stone is licensed and registered with iHDS as a teacher of the basic Human Design knowledge. Each student will receive accreditation upon completion of course, which can be applied towards further professional Human Design education.  Mini-readings conducted in every class with each students chart and subtle guidance shared as understanding gently, unfolds.

Link:  Simply, Human Design Course

Attending this course qualifies students for Level II / ESOTERICS & Human Design

COST: $125

Classes are NOT recorded nor available for later review
LIVE attendance only

Conduct PayPal payment to initiate process of enrollment. For more information or assistance with enrollment, email: . Once you have conducted your payment, our office contacts you with confirmation and further instructions. Please allow 24 hours for response.

This course is most effective if students read Volume I before beginning the four-week course. Volume I is a compilation of articles, which are short and quick to read and easily convey the basic information that is covered in our class. It assists tremendously if one is prepared and ready to receive new information, able to engage in discussions and comfortable with the exploration of new territory. Volume I is sent with the email confirming your enrollment. You will receive Volume I plus a workbook that will be used in the On-line classroom.



Learning the Basics of Human Design Course

September 2018

Kashi Stone is certified by the International Human Design School to teach the basic knowledge of Human Design.