Oh My Aching Head


There is a big difference between the defined Ajna and the open Ajna.AjnaCenter

Keep in mind that the Ajna’s center expresses in different ways according to the unique chemistry of each person but there are a few things that are common in the dynamic of the open and the defined Ajna interaction.

Defined Ajna’s love to process, plan and are desperately seeking to know the answers to their issues in life and they love to talk about it.

Defined Ajna’s process their life situations endlessly without reprieve. Their mind loves it and thrives on the stimulation. The lack of relaxation, the worry, the stress and the abundance of confusion that comes with trying to figure things out on their own and blurting out all of their thoughts as they process and try to know gets to be voiced and expressed. It can be a real attention “hog” if someone is unaware of how this center operates.

The undefined Ajna has an approximate two-minute mark, where they lose focus of attention when sitting in conversation with a defined Ajna,. The undefined, open Ajna starts to drift off to sleep or onto another thought because the defined Ajna is downloading a big story with lots of details and the very open Ajna Center cannot take it all in.

The open Ajna can become overwhelmed and soon begin to get a headache. It is exhausting for the open Ajna because they have to hold their attention on what the defined Ajna is sharing non-stop, over a long period of time. The open Ajna sits listening, taking it in, having to nod yes or no and then be overwhelmed. It is exhausting.

Now, turn the tables around. Take an open Ajna Center that is out of tune and slightly distorted.

Imagine an open Ajna Center that talks endlessly about things that no one is really interested in. It can be terribly, terribly annoying and boring, especially to the defined Ajna. The defined Ajna loses interest in open Ajna conversation quickly. It’s just not intelligent or interesting enough to hold the attention. It can almost be almost impossible for the defined Ajna to understand what the open Ajna is communicating, at times.

An open Ajna is going to try and convince the defined Ajna that they are absolutely certain in order to sound intelligent. They are not certain about anything and the defined Ajna is going to feel it. It is difficult for the open, undefined Ajna to “get” exactly what the Defined Ajna really means when they are sharing facts, details and strategies.

The defined Ajna experiences conversation with the open Ajna as confusing. It is equally confusing for the open, undefined Ajna too.

It’s too much for both open, and defined to try and find clarity and understanding, often.

Answering questions according to what the other type is expecting is really tough. It can not be done, easily. The only time it is really smooth is when the outer authority has been activated and then the wisdom gets shared. Otherwise, there is difficulty in understanding and reasoning into the same thought current.


Over 51% of the population, have a defined Ajna and 49% are undefined, open Ajnas. Half of the population is busy thinking about things, strategizing, planning, processing and the other half, the open Ajna is busy thinking about things that don’t matter, trying to sound intelligent when they communicate, and quickly becoming annoying.

Two defined Ajna’s can have fantastic conversations that can go on for hours. And so can two open Ajna center people equally enjoy their time together, quietly.

The open and the defined definitely live in two different worlds. Please keep in mind that the experience can be different according to how one is defined. These examples are only to help you gain better insight in how the mechanics can operate.

Consider this difference in mental definition: open Ajna and defined Ajna, may be the reason why you are having communication problems with someone near you.

If you find that your head is aching when you’re in conversation with certain people, this may be why.

Ajna’s learn to be more quiet with open, undefined Ajna’s and focus on not dumping too much information, non-stop.

Open, undefined Ajna’s, remember that you “know nothing” and return to your quiet, mental space.

What to do when you are together?




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