Course 2

On-Line LIVE workshops with Kashi


In Progress

Using Volume III of the Simply, Human Design educational series, workshop is intended to jumpstart the heart into creativity, beauty, inspiration and positive transformation.

This workshop can be considered as a second initiation into the empowerment of understanding and becoming aware of the mechanics, the dualistic self and the three-fold reality that we exist in.

In this class, we review the seven-centered and nine-centered model in an in-depth study, comparing and exploring the differences. Highlights include an investigation of the purpose of the G Center, which Centers are new and why, how to heal and rejuvenate each Center and raise our vibration for the new generation.

In our on-line course, we will be using the companion workbook of Volume III. Students conduct exercises on their own before class, and then review process in class.

COST: $35

Starting 19th October

Thursday / Saturday / Sunday

Classes NOT recorded nor available for later review
LIVE attendance, only / Students are welcome to record with own device.

Next Course: April 2018

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A one-time payment of $35 enrolls you for the three-week class. PayPal notifies me when you make your payment. Upon receiving notice of payment, I will email you and request information for class as outlined above. Please allow 24 hours for response.

Email: for more information or assistance with enrollment.

Kashi Stone is certified by the International Human Design School to teach the basic knowledge of Human Design.